From a doctor who experienced ‘forced adoption’

lonely childFormer PM Julia Gillard and her "legal advisors" would do well to read this letter AMF got today from a doctor who was herself a child of the forced adoption era. This doctor understands the analogy (expressed in our recent TV ad) between the 1950s-70s violation of that mother-child bond, and the proposed new violation through allowing two-man 'marriage' & adoption/surrogacy.

She understands that "saying sorry means not doing it again".

Here is a brief excerpt (name withheld):

Dear David,

Thank you for your bravery.

I was present at the Apology given by Julia Gillard in 2013. I was a forced adoption baby who grew up in a loving and caring family...

The 2013 Apology to mothers, babies, fathers and all family members affected by the forced adoption practices of the past, identified the trauma that adoption inflicts on the mother, baby, father and other family members. I was there, the emotions were palpable, the hurt and loss was intense, grown adults distraught from the effects of being adopted...

Say 'no' to using other people's babies and children to legitimise a relationship as a marriage! Say 'no' to separating babies and families. Support mothers and fathers to keep their babies and families together!

This means say 'no' to gay adoption and the use of someone else's baby to legitimise a same sex relationship as a marriage. Do not repeat the pain of the past. Do not use babies as currency for social status. Say 'no' to surrogacy, any mother or father is not the same as the baby's real biological mother and father who he or she shares personality traits and physical similarities with. Removal from these, known as 'mirror loss', adversely affects the growing child's sense of identity.

Someone speak up for the baby!!!

Thank you for spreading the word

(name supplied)


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