Qld Civil Partnerships Mimic Marriage

Today the first applications were lodged for civil partnerships in Queensland. They were lodged at the Marriage Registry, to mimic marriage; they allow for a 'celebrant' appointed by the state (a 'notary') and a formal public ceremony, and no doubt flowers and confetti, because the intention is to get as close as possible to marriage (which is a Federal issue, and States can only mimic it). The Hon Andrew Fraser, in launching this Bill in Parliament, considered this a big step towards equality (with marriage, of course) and that it was the end of a "legal fiction" of relationships (that is, any distinction between same-sex relationships and marriage).

This law is just the latest in the death of a thousand cuts that Labor and the Greens are inflicting on marriage, both State and Federal. Marriage, after all, is a compound right under the UN Declaration of Human Rights S.16, the right to an exclusive relationship but also the right to form a family. Therefore one can mimic marriage either by giving same-sex couple the 'name' of the relationship of marriage, or giving them the 'substance' of marriage, which is the right to form a family. The Labor-Greens attack is two pronged. At the State level they have gutted marriage via the back door by allowing the 'substance' of marriage to singles and same-sex couples; that is, the right to form a family (by surrogacy). At the Federal level Green and Labor MPs have now introduced Bills for full homosexual marriage.

The only morally serious response from a political party which sees the vital need to protect marriage and natural family is this: create an omnibus Bill under one great principle that undoes all this damage. That principle is that no law shall be enacted or allowed to stand which has the effect of diminishing a child's birthright to both a mother and a father. This will repeal any marriage-like same-sex statutes and same-sex surrogacy, because such statues normalise a marital or parental arrangement where a child must miss out on either a mother or a father.

One great social ideal must guide both State and Federal lawmakers: "for every child, a mother and a father".

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