Explanation from Channel 9 re pulling the ad: our response.

cricket bombshellWe are pleased to report that we have now heard from Channel 9 via our agent, and this is our (still bewildered) response. Apparently our ad would have been a Disturber of the Peace during the 6 o'clock news on the night of the cricket final:

UPDATE re Channel 9 pulling the ad: 

It's just not cricket!
After about 20 hours, we have the explanation from Channel 9 for pulling the Australian Marriage Forum ad: that because the ad was “during the cricket” it might be considered inappropriate, offensive or upsetting to some younger viewers. That Channel 9 would be happy to reconsider showing the ad at some future date in a later time slot. 
We welcome that explanation, but not without residual misgivings:  
1. The ad was not booked to run “during the cricket” but during the 6pm news bulletin, which typically features such family-friendly themes as plane crashes and terrorist attacks.
2. Since cricket was the reason, Channel 9 could have given us that explanation a couple of days earlier when they uploaded our ad, or on Sunday night when they rang our agent during the 6pm news bulletin to tell us our ad had not run, but they did not. 
Having stated our misgivings, we are determined to accept Channel 9's explanation in a spirit of goodwill, and keep our lines of communication open to run future ads at the optimum time. 
So we withdraw our worried queries of "is this more censorship?", and proceed on the assumption of Channel 9's good faith in this matter.
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