For “Better” – In Defence of Marriage

Liberal Senator Tasmania Eric Abetz recently addressed the topic of marriage. Drawing upon the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, he says:

A close examination of the Declaration reveals that every single article starts with the words 'everyone', 'noone' or 'all' apart from Article 16. Article 16 specifically begins with "Men and women... have the right to marry and found a family".

The meaning and intent could not be clearer. It is a heterosexual construct and relates to the founding of families. Marrying and founding a family in the same breath, in the same sentence puts up in lights the universal importance of marriage and the family. That marriage is between a man and a woman is specifically mentioned in the Declaration should not surprise. Marriage has been a fundamental stabilising institution in civilised societies for over 6,000 years of recorded history. This long lasting tradition has stood the test of time and for good reason,- it's got some very cogent, rational arguments in its favour.

Click here to read the rest of the speech.

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