• Gay marriage & the demeaning of Mother’s Day

    Perfect irony: only a day after the nationwide rallies to demand that we establish marriage without a woman, and therefore family without a mother, we have Mother's Day. The assumption of homosexual marriage is that a mother simply does not matter to a child; that this momentous relationship so deeply embedded in our mammalian nature is dispensable, no worries, and can be replaced by any second bloke in a gay partnership. Don't worry about breast feeding and the attachment and security we know that gives to the infant; don't worry about the unique emotional stability a mother's love gives to boys in particular; don't worry about a daughter's need for her Mum as she grows from a girl to a woman or her need for a role model in the subtle relationship between husband and wife - no, just throw everything overboard in the name of "equal love" for homosexual men.

    The love between a mother and her baby is, in fact, the most profound human bond, and that primal relationship is trashed by the “marriage” of two men. Homosexual marriage heralds an authentic “gay stolen generation”, destined to the same disorientation and pain as children removed at birth from single mothers.

    Marriage is a compound right, under Article 16 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “the right to marry and to found a family”. Therefore homosexual marriage involves both the legal recognition of an exclusive relationship and the right to form a family by artificial reproduction. But a child created by two married men is compelled to live without a mother.

    Even the pseudo gay-marriage of a civil partnership can allow for this abuse of a child’s birthright. That is the case with Elton John and his civil partner, David Furnish, who in 2010 created baby Zach using an anonymous egg donor in India, a vial of their blended sperm and a rent-a-womb. The old rock star needed “someone to love into my old age”. Too bad if baby Zach needed a mother’s love, because the men ensured that Zach could never know her. Spurious “equal rights” for rich homosexuals to obtain a child, at the cost of authentic “equal rights” for all babies to enter the world with their own mother.

    There are already tragic situations where a child cannot have both a mum and a dad - such as the death or desertion of a parent - but that is not something we would ever wish upon a child, and it is not something a government should ever inflict upon a child. There are already situations where broken families reform as a homosexual household, and nothing can or should be done about that. What we must not allow is the situation where government facilitates the deliberate creation of motherless families.

    Happy Mothers and Grandmothers Day, and don't let any gay activist tell you that a mother does not matter to a child.

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    1. Shondra

      This article is so true! A mother’s love is critical for a child’s upbringing! That’s why should only allow lesbian couples to have children so then they can have twice as much motherly love! Look at the statistics: every child that has received a poor upbringing has come from a family with only one mother. Clearly this is the only humane thing to do. Think of our children, our future!

      • Charlene

        just wanting to reply to your comment, not sure where you get your statistics from but as a single mother raising 2 children on my own i certainly do not fit in that category of giving my children a poor upbringing, my children are wonderful trouble free kids who are shown so much love by a 1 mother family…yes a mother’s love is very critical to a child’s upbringing but so is a fathers love…i don’t have a man’s characterisitics, I am a woman with womanly traits & characteristics & I love n nuture my children in a way a mother should and then there’s the father only he can give love to a child the way only a man was created to give … Yes think of our children, their future, not our own selfish agendas! Keep marriage and family the way it’s naturally suppose to be, union between man & woman…

    2. Jordan

      You are adopting to the practise of gay couples raising children as opposed to marrying; but the former is already perfectly legal, and gay couples enjoy the same abilities to adopt etc in most Australian jurisdictions. Perhaps you are

      Also, the scientific evidence I have seen indicates that children raised by male homosexual couples are statistically as well off (psychologically, developmentally etc) as those raised by heterosexual couples. And I believe I may have even come across one study that found children raised by female homosexual couples are actually somewhat better off.

      If it does turn out that lesbian couples are the best at raising kids, since the concern here is purely for what maximises the welfare of children, will the AMF be campaigning for the rights of children to be raised by two mothers, and for the State to do as much as possible to encourage that arrangement?

    3. Brian J

      I now feel sorry for all the single parents who in one fell swoop have been relegated to the ‘not good enough’ category. As soon as we start classifying ‘this family is not as good as that family’ we have publicly stigmatised an entire range of family situations, to the detriment of its kids, just when they needed our support the most. Sorry single parent kids, or kids of divorced parents, you’re simply in an inferior family. You’ll never be any good as this family, because you don’t have a female and a male in it. This is hardly social justice, is it?

    4. Rebecca

      I have two mums, does that mean im twice the person most are? And if i were to die would my husband be doing the wrong thing by our kids ih he didnt remarry? And heres a really stupid question, have any of you hearf about role models in the community? Because it takes a villiage to raise a kid. One loving parent is good, two is even better. And as for girls needing a mum for those pubertal years, teens learn from friends, teachers, magazines and tv, more than they learn at home. I would NEVER ask my mum about menstruation and sex. Oh and by the way I don’t wear skirts and makeup, I take out the garbage and earn an income, I play soccer with my son, my husband helps in the kitchen and laundry, so does this mean my poor kids are missing out? My husband styles our daughters’ hair. What a lousy father he must be.

      • Gary

        It’s true that teens receive more sex education from friends and media than anywhere else, but what poor quality education that it compared to what they might receive from a parent. Perhaps this is a result of parents’ unwillingness to discuss the issues, or a lack of trust between child and parent to raise the issue. I hope my children trust me enough to ask me or listen to what I plan to teach them. It’s ironic you didn’t have that privilege, particularly with the double advantage of two mothers.

    5. John R Wallis

      The very notion of “Same Sex Marriages”, is an attack on the very foundation of society.
      If the marriage act is changed, in the way that it is proposed to be, it will open the flood gates to completely destabilising society as we know it, and our children and their children will be the losers.

    6. Naomi

      This article is not degrading all families that are single or broken, it is just simply stating a fact that the optimal family is one that has a mother and a father in a loving relationship with each other and their children. This world is imperfect, people are imperfect and selfish, thus relationships are imperfect and inevitably break down. It is not ideal to have a single parent family. It is not ideal to have a no mother or no father, but two fathers or two mothers. The reality of life is that relationships breakdown, parents die, people are horrible to each other, to their children, and therefore, our birthright to a mother and father in a secure family is taken away. The ideal family doesn’t happen the way it should for everyone, but it does happen for many – I am one of these. This is ideal and this is our birthright. Don’t go telling me that children of broken families do not wish that their parents were still together, or that their mother or father treated them better, or that their mother or father did not die when they were young, or that adopted children do not wish at some stage in their lives to find out about their biological families. It is their birthright which they did not recieve through no fault of their own, but does that mean we should willingly wish this upon generations yet to be born through advocating homosexual families. So, in support of this article, we do not want children to continue to miss out on a mother and father because the governments of this generation legislated that it was ok to let gay couples raise them as their own, knowing that they would be denied their birthright of a family combination of mother and father. Yes, there is such a thing as community role models, but how is this the same as knowing your own mother or your own father and being raised and influenced by them? The truth is that you are influenced the most in life by your own family and the way you were raised.

      I know gay couples are already allowed to adopt children, but we need to look at the bigger picture, for the benefit of our society and future generations. We cannot let marriage be normalised as anything goes, if it’s love then it should be for anyone what ever the gender. It has been trashed by plenty of hetrosexual couples (ie Britany Spears, Hugh Heffner, your next door neighbour!), but in its true and honourable sense, it is meant for a man and woman to become mother and father and raise children. This is the ideal and we need to strive for this. It is what is best for society.

    7. katherine

      Charlene sounds as though you are doing a great job. Glad you don’t pretend you can father as well. And too true that God is 3rd strand to enable a man and a woman to live together in the way He planned. I believe He is also enabling you to stand up for what you believe and give your children a good start in life

    8. Charlene

      As a single mother no need to feel sorry for me, I don’t at all feel not good enough, either do I feel less important as a single parent family compared to a family that has both a mother and a father….If anything I strive & strongly desire for my children to also have the opportunity to have a loving father figure in their lives..I was not created to be both a mum & a dad, either can i give to my children what only a father can…both my children long to have a dad in their lives, how do I know they tell me everyday & everynight we pray & thank God He has someone special install for us…Just because I’m a single mother, YES a very norm acceptable thing in today’s society, it doesn’t mean I want the legislation to change the defination of a marriage just because it doesn’t fit my family situation..I strive for this & teach my children the value of marriage & what a wonderful precious gift it is between both a man & a woman…I instill these precious values into my children from day dot, with a strong foundation built on love, the word of God …I’ve been blessed to grow up with both a mum & dad who are both still strongly married today (38yrs), and I hope & pray that one day soon my children will also get the oportunity to also have that special someone in their lives to call dad…I look up to my parents & really value what they instilled into us & taught us and for that i’m very greatful….You know my heart really does go out for those of you who were mistreaded by a mother or a father or even both but please please don’t let that determine your understanding of what a mother or father role is suppose to be, it’s a vicious cycle that needs to be broken & it can start with you..you may never have been exposed to a natural loving setting of both a mother & father but for the sake of your children & generations to come, learn what it is to be a better parent, love them through not only words but in action & in truth. we all have our flaws & imperfections, but don’t let ur past determine your future or dictate who you’re going to be…if we take away the true definition of marriage all for the sake of satisying selfish desires & wants..I don’t look foward to the long term catastropihic implications this can cause for generations to come…Come on men rise up and be the man & father you have been created to be and women rise up and be the woman & mother you have been destined to be….As a single mum I fully support this fight to save this definition of marriage, this natural special union meant between both a man & woman alone…
      MARRIAGE: A yoke between Man, Woman & God….”A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken”.
      God is that 3rd strand in marriage which keeps it knitted strongly together, no easily broken! Be encouraged….

    9. AMF

      Charlene, thank you for those insights and sincere comments, even from a difficult personal situation. AMF supports any mother or father who find themselves alone raising their children, and never says a word of discouragement to them – we only say that the Government must not deliberately create fatherless families by normalising the ‘marriage’ of two women, or abolish the relationship between mother and baby by legalising the marriage of two men.

    10. Rebecca

      Well then, docs must be stopped! Hurry, before they take anymore little ones away from their drunken or drugged up mothers who don’t feed or clothe their kids. These kids shouldn’t have their relationship with their mother abolished!

    11. AMF

      Certainly, John. There are many higher dimensions, but the struggle is to keep marriage and family founded in nature, rather than let the inner-city greens et al abstract it in their post-modern way into something divorced from nature. We mess with natural bonds (mother-father-child) at our peril.

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