It’s happening!

Australians will get have their say on same-sex/Transgender marriage...

The postal vote will go ahead - it will be hard, with so much money and media backing the other side, but there is hope:

- that Australians will keep marriage a man-woman thing, so that children can have their chance of a mum AND a dad.

- that Australians will understand how changing marriage changes so much else: how it means gay sex-education and radical gender ideology for all of our children at school; how it means giving an intolerant group greater legal power to silence dissent and harass people of faith with that big stick of anti-discrimination law.

So yes, the coming days and weeks are a referendum on 'Safe Schools'-type indoctrination, freedom of speech, conscience and religion.

We at the Coalition for Marriage (which AMF is a part of now) intend to win, and when we win, our fellow Australians in same-sex relationships will still enjoy the same benefits and legal status as any other de facto couple.

We will all live and let live as before, but marriage will stay true to nature and timeless culture; parents will still have authority to guide their child's moral education; free speech and free conscience will not be crushed.

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