It’s happening!

Australians will get have their say on same-sex/Transgender marriage...

The postal vote will go ahead - it will be hard, with so much money and media backing the other side, but there is hope:

- that Australians will keep marriage a man-woman thing, so that children can have their chance of a mum AND a dad.

- that Australians will understand how changing marriage changes so much else: how it means gay sex-education and radical gender ideology for all of our children at school; how it means giving an intolerant group greater legal power to silence dissent and harass people of faith with that big stick of anti-discrimination law.

So yes, the coming days and weeks are a referendum on 'Safe Schools'-type indoctrination, freedom of speech, conscience and religion.

We at the Coalition for Marriage (which AMF is a part of now) intend to win, and when we win, our fellow Australians in same-sex relationships will still enjoy the same benefits and legal status as any other de facto couple.

We will all live and let live as before, but marriage will stay true to nature and timeless culture; parents will still have authority to guide their child's moral education; free speech and free conscience will not be crushed.

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8 Responses

  1. So were is the greek church, are they not going to have a gathering to speak to people. What about discussing the day after, that is when SSM is legalized. I lost my job beecause of this crap and i dont know where to turn.

  2. Let’s hope that the “No” vote prevails. Let’s hope that Australians have the wisdom and the gumption to not follow the sheep in countries like Ireland and Canada, where cheap media propaganda scored a win for homosexual marriage and for the complete upturning of this vital aspect of our society.

    They say, “Don’t worry, if the Yes campaign wins, your relationships won’t change and everything will seem the same.” Maybe in the short term, but these people are looking at the longer term, via the indoctrination of the whole society with their values, especially the indoctrination of kids at school.

    Even if the No campaign wins in this postal vote, I am pessimistic that the No side will continue to prevail in the near future. The political forces behind the Yes agenda are strong and will never give up. All it would take is for the Labour Party to win power at the federal level and then I can’t imagine the No forces being able to prevail.

    I was recently shocked and disappointed to discover that the NSW Birth, Death and Marriage registry already uses language such as “Parent 1” and “Parent 2” instead of “mother” and “father” on their certificates. I’ve been out of Australia for a few decades so I’d be interested to know how this situation came about. Did the citizens of NSW have a say in this significant change? I bet they didn’t.

    All I can say to “NO” people is, if the Yes agenda ever succeeds, “Never give up!”. I hope that someday in the future the citizens of countries that had succumbed to this destructive social engineering agenda realize that this kind of social change CAN be reversed. Let’s hope that it will all just be a blip in the long history of humanity.

  3. Here’s hoping that Australians will have the wisdom and the gumption to reject this toxic Yes campaign and not succumb like sheep to the cheap media propaganda campaigns, like the people of Ireland did. Certain political forces poured a lot of money into the Irish Yes campaign but luckily they have not been allowed to do that here, except for the notorious GetUp group, which does receive foreign money.

    I was recently shocked and disappointed to discover that the NSW Birth, Marriage and Death registry now uses language such as “Parent 1” and “Parent 2” on their certificates instead of “mother” and “father”. I’ve been living out of Australia for many years so I would be interested in knowing how this situation came about. Did the citizens of NSW have a say in the decision to bring about that change? I bet they didn’t.

  4. Sorry about the repetition. I thought my first posting was rejected.

    • Michael

      I agree with your comments above. I have made a real mess on several pages by posting two or three times but the grey-on-grey colour scheme is so hard to read, that it’s easy to make mistakes when trying to get fancy with html and stuff, as I like to do. 😐

  5. I agree Chris. People of good conscience need to keep fighting the good fight. We must continue to stand up for children’s rights and protect them. We must keep advocating for freedom of speech and religious liberty. If these things fail we won’t have much of a society to leave to our kids. Like you, I also hope countries that have fallen into the rainbow agenda will be able to break free from it.

  6. Michael

    From the article:–

    so much money and media so much money and media backing the other side…

    It seems the LGBTIQ party has everything on its side — except the truth ❗

    Two of the same thing is not the same as two different things. Marriage is a consummated union of two complimentary opposites, forming a self-sufficent whole. For example, key and lock, plug and socket, bolt and nut, cup and saucer, frame and picture. A beautiful painting in its protective frame is very different from a pair of empty frames. Rubbing two paintings together degrades their natural beauty, destroying their intrinsic value. Two pictures can’t frame themselves using a fake frame component. Jamming one empty frame inside another breaks them into splinters. Mounting a picture unnaturally damages the painting, needing expensive specialist repairs.

    Unveiling a beautiful painting in its protective frame is a joyful public occasion, celebrated with food and drink, music and dancing. Yet a wedding ceremony is no more a consummation of marriage, than the unveiling of a picture is the framing of it. No-one hangs two empty picture frames on a wall and calls it “art equality”.

  7. I am struggling to look past some of the basic facts. Once upon a time it was a offence (a little harsh) once upon a time it was classed as a mental illness (I take my hat off for my friend who still gets treatment). A man loves a woman (no worries) a man loves a man (ok..) a woman loves a woman (ok…) a man or woman loves a child (still a criminal offence and mental illness due to a child not able to give consent but im sure paedophiles are just wired that way……..) where do you draw the line and what is normal…..

    If they say yes to marriage equality and love between man/man woman/woman, then the paedophiles out their who are sexually attracted and love children might also fight for their equality.

    I am struck by this basic logic that the campaigning sort of ignores, remember their are scientists that did study this and their theories have all been snuffed out by great marketing.

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