Mardi Gras – sexual decadence no basis for Marriage

The Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras last night was a synchronised push for same-sex marriage, with Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young and Labor Health Minister Tanya Plibersek in attendance and criticising Tony Abbott's opposition to a conscience vote on this subject. It is not clear how an exhibitionist parade, with simulated sodomy as per the screen shot from ABC television coverage, is going to persuade the Mums and Dads of this nation that homosexual relationships should be classified as identical with their own, or that such domestic arrangements are the right ones for the raising of children. There is a world of difference between Mardi Gras sexual decadence ('luxurious self-indulgence' as defined in the Oxford dictionary) and the self-sacrificing dedication of a man and woman who establish a home and bear and nurture children.  As the Australian Marriage Forum tweeted today: 

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12 Responses

  1. BrianJ

    Go to a corporate event at the Hilton and you’ll see exactly the same behaviour from the executive class, getting drunk, fondling the secretaries and acting like naughty schoolboys – albeit dressed in tuxedos and dancing at the Hilton. Debauchery is not the exclusive domain of gays for one parade. Humans have done this for millennia. Don’t panic, parades and parties don’t lead to the destruction of civilisation. They are one aspect of the human experience. I think there are far more worrying aspects to concern ourselves with, like cruelty, prejudice and warfare. Parties and parades are about people having fun. You should encourage it. Frankly this is a non issue.

    • Mister

      With all do respect, I think you have missed the point mate.

      To lower ones values is corruption. To have no values is to remove the very foundation on which you stand.
      Neither of these will bring the peace so desperately desired.

      • Yahtzee

        Mister, “values” are a social construct humans have created and devised over millennia. They are not inviolable, nor omnipresent. They change and evolve with new insights and understandings. For example: men used to stand up when a woman left the table. Husbands would open their wive’s car doors. These values are largely lost now, but few complain; these were retrospectively pointless – why should a man actually do this? If its a question of respect, why shouldn’t a woman do it for a man? No answer? That’s because they were just values that were created on layers and layers of history that soon became “accepted” without question. It is the same now with marriage. It can change comfortably (as we have seen in other nations) without issue.

  2. Cam

    @BrianJ – are you kidding? Using semi-private dodgy behaviour to justify public dodginess? I agree – parades and parties dont lead to moral decline – but some things do. As we discard personal and community “values” for personal and community “rights” we are seeing any group of people being “released from oppression” based on their stated rights. When I was younger there were things that were either right or wrong, but it seems many of things have now become rights for some.

  3. Eric L

    I would have thought that any visual stimulus would leave an imprint upon our brain neurons, and at that point we have a choice as to how we handle the impression. Will we emulate that seen, shun it, or do as most–treat it as innocuous, only to have it imperceptibly edge us toward accepting the behaviour or values of that depicted?

    Have not the vast majority of psychologists, behaviourists and pragmatists plus more theoretical philosophers and observers validated the truth that ‘by beholding we are changed’?

  4. BrianJ

    I think the colour and movement and gaiety will make people notice the message that is being delivered. I don’t think the parade of itself convinces the Mums and Dads but perhaps the message of marriage equality might get through.

  5. Anja

    The word marriage is a word which is and always has been understood to be a union between a man and a woman, anything else is what it is and keep it behind closed doors and drawn curtains. Not all wants are for our good and for the good of the nations.

  6. ali young

    this is horrid, how can we sit here and judge people by there choice in love. If they’re not apart of your chosen religion what does it matter. If there is a god and i am not saying there isnt but if people go against “gods” rules then they will pay if needed, but other than that no one should really worrying about another person lifestyle choices. Its none of your business, and the should not be any laws to stop people and their happiness.

  7. Rebecca

    That debauchery is not exclusive to homosexuals. Proof? Turn on your ol’ black and white telly. Watch any show featuring a celebrity. Or go to the beach, you will see plenty of flesh, and probably even canoodling too. Go to Rio de janero and watch carnivale. Exactly the same except mardi gras is glbt. As far as I can tell nothing gets flopped out. I am for the record, a Christian. But my view towards those of us who want to restrict what others can and cannot do, is the same as my view towards Muslim extremists who feel we must all convert to their belief or we will go to hell, if you feel that our actions, cultural practices, beliefs, sexual preferences, choice of what religion we follow, is going to result in us being fanned for eternity or whatever, then let us cause that for ourselves, and you just look after your own soul. Us going to hell isn’t going to stop you getting into heaven. Trying to force your opinions on us will just result in hatred, war , ect.

  8. Graham

    Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.

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