New Year – Renewed Focus

2016 was a big year for the marriage debate in Australia.

Malcolm Turnbull took the Marriage Plebiscite to the Federal election and won – only to have the people’s vote quashed by the political elite who then conspired to waste more Parliamentary time with yet another Senate enquiry into marriage.

The fury over Safe Schools escalated, as more parents were made aware of the secretive program, teaching their children that gender is fluid. A book called ‘The Gender Fairy’ taught toddlers that “Only you know whether you are a boy or a girl. No one can tell you”.

And Early Childhood Australia Spokeswoman, Clare McHugh delivered the highly disturbing claim that “Children are sexual beings.”

With attitudes like this at the forefront of Government funded education, it should come as no surprise that children as young as 15 are undergoing major surgery to remove their sexual organs.

To finish the year, South Australian Parliament passed the gender-identity bill, allowing a person to change their ‘sex’ on their birth certificate without the need to undergo sex-change surgery or hormone treatment. This move renders Birth Certificates as nothing more than a fanciful declaration of ‘feelings’ rather than a statement of biological fact. As we’ve seen in places like Ontario, where genderless marriage is legal, children have no right to know their biological parents as they can be omitted from a child’s birth certificate at the whim of the people who happen to be around at the time of birth.

Degendering society will have long term consequences. Marriage is the cornerstone of our society and as such, it needs to be protected. It, like our Birth Certificate, is a statement of biological fact: Founding a family with one biological father and one biological mother for life, as nature intended it.

For that reason, the Australian Marriage Forum is looking forward to the year ahead with renewed focus and renewed confidence.

We know that the Australian public is smart enough to see through the fancy sloganeering of the SSM activists. Fair-minded Aussies quietly watch on as these LGBTQ elitists attempt to shut down earnest debate by refusing to print our books, by forcing us to meet in secret, by refusing to air our ads and by calling us hateful names.

Never underestimate Aussies. In 2017 it’s more important than ever for all of us to stand united in support of marriage and family, for the sake of generations of Aussies to come. Together, we CAN save marriage.

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13 Responses

  1. I have submitted my opposition to same-sex marriage with its disturbing consequences on children now and future generations
    and faxed to the Select Committee Secretary, as well as to all 7 panel members to their respective STATE and Parliamentary offices.
    I had previously already made submission via the Marriage Alliance, Australian Marriage Forum and The Australian Family Association
    which will be treated as “Correspondence” only by this Committee hence giving no legitimate status.
    I have recruited 3 other friends to submit their opposition to SSM and Safe School Programs.However,in the absence of a Plebiscite
    our freedom of speech and opposition to the biological norms of Sexual identity and the Family of Mother/Father will be eroded forever.
    How can we collectively galvanize to address and enlighten all our Parliamentarians of the long-term damage and consequences to future
    generations and that it is NOT their right to legislate on behalf of the minority LGBT activists.This is no longer a democracy as I understand
    it to be where the common good should prevail.

  2. I had submitted my reason to oppose same sex marriage and hope the will help.

  3. Homosexual marriage is the tail of the 60’s sexual revolution of free love (more accurately, “free lust”) which dismissed marriage as prohibitive to freedom to have sex with anybody and anyone at anytime – then along came the pill and legal abortion which took away the consequences. What has replaced traditional marriage – between one man and one woman for life – are the fake substitutes and token “marriages” based on convenience and self-gratification. The great damage is plain to see in a myriad of ways, especially with children (….the innocent, unborn children who are aborted get the worst treatment of all – they die). The history of the institution of marriage is quite clear: it was designed to unite a male and a female. I’m waiting to see how the definition and function of marriage has supposedly “changed” even though promiscuity and decadency has become acceptable and poisoned nearly every facet of society. Our children are now living in this environment with an aggressively targeted campaign in schools designed to groom them into as extreme perverse sexualisation as possible from a very young age with no awareness of true marriage or it’s benefits. This means that when they become adults, they will have no desire to marry or even be aware of what true marriage means. Marriage is therefore constantly being undermined leading to frivolous commitments, lack of role-model marriages in media, music or the entertainment industry (which is why most celebrities back SSM because their own multiple marriages have all failed and they can get more money out of backing the latest trend even if it ruins the marriage bedrock of society) and higher levels of divorce (mainly due to the “no-fault” divorce laws that also contributed to the trashing of marriage over the past few decades). Same sex marriage only now seems plausible because the true purpose of marriage has eroded so much that it doesn’t matter what you do, you can redefine any sex act to b called marriage to try and make it “acceptable”. But in the history of mankind, homosexual marriage has never been deemed acceptable for one simple reason – it can’t do marriage because it is “sex-based” instead of “family-based”. All this pulling down of marriage makes marriage look worthless, when in fact, it is not the institution of marriage that is at fault, but rather the way it is being used – people who divorce are simply not honouring their marriage vows. Plus, technology has advanced to manipulate procreation….thus, homosexual “marriage” now seems viable only because the awareness of a strong family-based marriage bond as a building block of society is almost lost completely – we are seeing the final nail in the coffin for meaningful marriage. If we make this final step of decadent marriage redefinition, then marriage becomes a total worthless concept. It will be weeded out of our society. Homosexual marriage is against biology and the biological design of the human body and is unable to perform the purpose of marriage. Homosexuality is based solely on desire. Born gay myths are simply myths to incite emotive propaganda slogans. As the gay agenda says it is looking for equality and it is using ‘marriage’ as its vehicle which will be discarded as they move onto other fights. The word ‘equal love’ is used to neutralize the negative aspect of the homosexual lifestyle which historically has been excessively permissive. hence, there is no “marriage equality” when they leave out ALL the various marriage “options” (such as polygamy, marry yourself, two brothers or two sisters marrying each other, necrophilia, child brides or, as Chris Sevier in the USA is trying to do, marrying your laptop….there has already been a conference of “academics” meeting in the UK to discuss humans marrying robots!). Seeing as there is no legal, historical or rational basis to call marriage a human right or to redefine it to include same sex people, it leads us to the question of what are the other agendas in play here with the SSM issue?….It is certainly the formal severing of marriage from parenthood (a population control measure?) and the rights of children are ignored to serve the selfish desires of the SSM parents (another stolen generation?)…..children are solely luxury accessories to the homosexual’s choice of lifestyle. Btw, we keep hearing that heterosexuality is supposedly a “gender construct” and should therefore be dumped along with all other gender distinctions, yet we also keep hearing about LGBTIQAP+ (the “+” is for HIV+ positive people) which, of course, means that LGBTIQAP+ people are guilty of using “gender constructs” themselves. Also, in a bid to try and say that homosexuality is natural, the same sex marriage advocates come up with new scientific research of “homosexual” activity within the animal kingdom….hmmm….obviously, if this were true, then the so-called “homosexual” animals would be extinct – that’s right, they would have died off long ago because they cannot have any offspring. The so-called scientific research cannot ever determine if any supposed “homosexual” activity (a subjective observation in itself) is driven by homosexual urges or not – in other words, the research can only determine the “how” but can never determine the “why”.. This is the core difference between science (the “how”) and religion (the “why”) and both are vital to a happily functioning society. Needless to say, the same sex marriage push claims to have scientific support and yet disposes of the religious views at the same time – this will inevitably create a massive instability in society. Of course, the “gender fluidity” theory (ie. the mythical idea that “we are any gender we feel like being at the time”) is the broader ideology that intrinsically accompanies SSM – the two are inseparable. It is not marriage in itself that they crave, it is the ultimate symbol of acceptance for homosexuality, and its refusal can be held liable for all kinds of harms, not even thought of ten years ago. Their tactic is to rubbish marriage so much that it doesn’t seem to matter if same sex people or any other form of relationships can be called “marriage” instead of praising marriage up as a wonderful institution that has served all civilisations well and is a bedrock for social stability, decency and prosperity.

    Same sex marriage proponents argue that if a man and woman who experience infertility together can marry then two men or two women can also marry. This argument rests on the hidden premise that two men or two women can also experience infertility together. Science has proven that this is not true because the biology is different (man-woman couples have body parts that are absent in same-sex couples) – hence, infidelity isn’t possible with same sex couples due to their lack of their fertility parts in the first place. Their argument relies on a false premise and is therefore a false argument. If fact, for same sex advocates to exclude the family, child-rearing nature of marriage, they have confirmed that a same-sex marriage is a completely different relationship to a marriage. Fidelity becomes an irrelevant proposition where there is no prospect of children and therefore, so does marriage become irrelevant. Same sex marriage proponents also fail to acknowledge that even the sex act is different between heterosexuals and same sex couples, and yet they keep telling us that homosexual marriage is somehow no different to traditional heterosexual marriage just because they can dress up on their wedding day and say “I do” – marriage is far more than this. They also talk about how people use marriage rather than the institution of marriage itself. Marriages fail because people don’t honour their marriage vows, but the institution of marriage is perfect and has been proven such over millennia of civilisations. Just because people use marriage contrary to it’s millennia-old intended purpose that has been a proven formula for the success of civilizations since time immemorial, doesn’t mean that the institution of marriage is bad or obsolete – to the contrary, it means that people don’t honour their marriage vows and in a “make up your own subjective morality” post-modern society, marriage is turned into whatever you want to make it to be no matter how frivolous or irrelevant. This recent approach to marriage (symbolised by the same sex marriage push) is a totally new “non-biological” concept of marriage that has never been proven or attempted in the history of human existence. Such an experiment is fraught with dangers and fragments the family unit. The state-controlled ideology of Socialism loves this happening and so you can see why the Marxist political activists are jumping onboard to use (abuse?) the homosexual community as pawns for their political cause, but as history has always regarded marriage as the formation of families and for the nurture of children with a mother and a father (as the Marriage Act defines), it is no wonder that some of us are willing to defend the institution of marriage before we head off into the abyss. Sure….some people use marriage for other purposes (like having no children) or people outside marriage live like married couples (like defacto couples), but that is irrelevant to the definition of the Marriage Institution. To suggest that marriage is already undermined (trashed?) so much that we might as well turn it completely into just an emotional “label” that the government gives a frivolous bit of paper saying “You’re Married” on it is a brand new marriage concept (completely separate to the institution of marriage as defined in the Marriage Act) and this new marriage concept will have a meaningless purpose in society. For the Yes side to ignore this immensely significant change and for them to solely focus on emotional stories of “love” (lust?), or “human/civil rights” or “equality” misses the whole point of the No side and misses the whole point of why marriage exists in the first place. Until the Yes side actually show how the institution of marriage is enhanced (not how homosexuality is enhanced, nor how people’s lives who are “in love” are enhanced, nor how “human/civil rights” are enhanced, nor how “equality” is enhanced – all of which are irrelevant to the issue), then marriage should stay as it is.

    • Neil,
      The English language used to have something called a paragraph 😉 To take just one of your many good points, “Homosexuality is based solely on desire”. It is a misdirected desire, because the only reason humans have sexual desire at all, is the physical and chemical processes of the reproductive system. Thus, it is self-evidently normal and natural to exercise such desire in marriage with the opposite sex, and self-evidently abnormal and unnatural to exercise it otherwise. Homosexuality is a disorientation. People who genuinely wish to be free from an unwanted same-sex attraction deserve sympathy and help, not political exploitation. By asserting that voluntary sexual behaviour cannot be changed, the LGBTIQ movement denies its own members the free and rational choice to ever leave. Any other human institution that refused its members such free and rational choice, would be rightly called a cult. Condemning people to loneliness, despair, and possible suicide, by denying all hope of overcoming homosexual dysfunction is not love, tolerance or compassion; it is heartless cruelty.

  4. Even if homosexual marriage becomes legal in Australia, it will just be a “label” that the government gives them by issuing them a “Marriage Certificate” and nothing more – it will never be considered legitimate because it is different to heterosexual marriage in every way possible (homosexual marriage uses the word “homosexual” to describe it and is sex-oriented whereas heterosexual marriage is just “marriage” and is family-oriented)…..and the way that the homosexual lobbyists have forced the whole thing onto the public using tactics like “overwhelm the opposition” on social media, name/shame/boycott opponents in public, emotional manipulation with homosexuals in movies, music, sitcoms, studies, media, schools, universities, sporting activities and even “church” to make it look normal and pretend that it is scientifically/historically/politically/economically advantageous to humankind (when the opposite is true) will never make homosexuality acceptable. They put forward children as “human shields” to avoid criticism (after all, who will argue politics with a child?) by getting children to parrot their propaganda slogans and tug at our heartstrings, but in fact, the children are just naive pawns in their emotive game – the activists themselves are adopting the petulant childlike attitude: “I want…I want…you’re mean…give it to me”. We are not being fooled by all this…..hence, opponents to homosexual marriage will simply add the word “real” in front of heterosexual marriages and the word “fake” in front of homosexual marriages – that’s what I will do. Then we will see the homosexual lobbyists start all over again to stop people from calling their marriages “fake” and use government resources and public offices to force opponents to obey them or get punished. So their propaganda slogan: “It only affects gay people and so no one else needs to worry about it” is a farce (along with all their other emotive propaganda slogans like “equality”, “human/civil right”, “love is love”, “discrimination”, etc). Other changes to us all will be words redefined (like he/she/mum/dad/boy/girl) to be gender neutral or gender “fluid”, our children being groomed into homosexual behaviour, increased costs on fixing health problems with the homosexual lifestyle and the thought police on patrol all the time to “catch out” supposed homophobes (….watch out, you will be relentlessly chased down). There is no “live and let live” with homosexual marriage advocates….so in the end, homosexual marriage will be a small step (and a worthless one at that) in the never-ending quest of trying to make homosexuality acceptable. The millennia-old institution of heterosexual marriage (based on parent-hood) has been and will always be different to homosexual marriage no matter how much the homosexual advocates try to “will it into existence”……..They also want parliament to vote on their supposedly private relationships – so if they don’t want it to be anyone else’s business and they don’t want the majority to vote on the “rights” of a minority, then they shouldn’t ask government to make it public business and call their relationships “marriage”. They are taking a word that is a heterosexual word since time-immemorial and trying to change it into something completely different that affects every person in the country (because redefining marriage means that everyone who uses the word marriage will be saying something different to what they meant before – that’s what happens when you change word definitions) and then they wonder why people are getting into a tiz??….plus, they have now made it an even bigger issue by dragging the debate out for years (maybe indefinitely as “issue fatigue” sets in) and at the same time infuriating unassuming voters to now make a stand against SSM because the election promise of a plebiscite has been denied them. Talk about waking a sleeping giant!

    Marriage is far more than just a wedding ceremony and calling someone “husband”, “wife” or “partner” and it is also far more than just “two people being in love” (or more likely in today’s way of thinking, a lot of marriages are more built on lust rather than love and so they are doomed to fail even before they start). For same sex marriage advocates to say that “You couldn’t use term husbands and wife in same-sex marriage, but otherwise it wouldn’t be any different to heterosexual marriage” is an incredibly shallow and meaningless view of marriage. Real marriage is a family-based institution for the nurture of children through to the next generation unlike same sex marriage which is a sex-based concept never tried before in the history of human existence. The latter is for the self-gratification of the individual (ie. to make them feel good) and in a political sense, same sex marriage is solely trying to make homosexuality look acceptable – in other words, there is nothing about same sex marriage that compares to real marriage. Real marriage is a millennia-old institution for procreation and male-female marriage is a proven pillar of successful civilisations since the dawn of time. Same sex couples simply don’t have the biology to do real marriage and the only way that they can make marriage seem plausible to them is to steal the word “marriage” and redefine it to suit their purposes. Even their idea of having a family is to use artificial reproduction and then deprive a child of a mother or a father. Such a confected lifestyle turns children into mere luxury accessories for selfish homosexual parents.

    • Neil,
      Thanks for your comments. The federal parliament created “registered marriage” for the good of society by keeping accurate records for the illegitimacy of children and inheritance. This legal practice was created for the purpose of supporting and protecting both children and women. However, a “registered marriage” no longer defends, supports and protects a genuine Christian marriage as this is a public commitment to a life-long, faithful “one flesh” union between one man and one woman as they can procreate new-life with God’s help (natural human reproduction). This behavioural practice consummates a genuine Christian marriage which no church can annul, and it has existed with or without being registered with the state from the beginning of time. The Australian federal parliament created a legal “sham marriage practice” when it introduced the no-fault divorce in 1975 and this caused significant breakdown of marriages and families by “infidelity” – adultery/affairs, sexless marriage, “open marriages,” and even the oxymoron “bachelor-married man” this is the married man that is living the sexual free-life of a bachelor.

      The federal parliament changed the meaning of a “registered marriage” for all Australians so this has voided my registered marriage contract with the state of NSW. I never consented to a “registered marriage” being identified with any type of living arrangement/ relationship the government desires. I don’t believe the government has a right to control my most intimate living arrangements/relationships with my husband, children and unrelated people by their creation of new laws and regulations whenever it pleases them. I don’t need to wait for anymore oxymorons to become accepted as a legal “registered marriage” such as “same-sex marriage” and “robotic-sex doll marriage.” It is obvious that “registered marriage” are a man-made creation like Disneyland, and I would be crazy to pretend that a piece of paper from the government is my marriage for a public wedding ceremony. I would be having a “delusional fantasy” to imagine that a legal state marriage certificate would keep my marriage loving, healthy, respectful, faithful, life-long, and stable. A legal “registered marriage” will destroy a genuine Christian marriage because of the change of meaning – “exclusive legal union,” which is the equivalent to the legal practice of abortion that legally kills unwanted neonates by changing the meaning – “bodily waste products.”

      I try not to use the LGBTIAQ lobby-dictators PC language such as heterosexual, homosexual etc because these words don’t make any sense. I don’t know any person in all my life “who is exclusively attracted to the opposite-sex” to meet the criteria of “heterosexual.” A legal “same-sex marriage” is based on a legal union which has to have a public wedding ceremony and it needs to be registered with a state for it to even exist as a legal “registered marriage.” There is no marriage law anywhere in the world which has defined a sexual relationship for a same-sex married couple so they don’t have a sexual union in civil marriage. However, a genuine Christian “one flesh” union (marriage) is a sexual union which doesn’t need to be registered with the state because the male-female union was created by God and it is a natural sexual behavioural practice of “oneness” like being “single” is natural. A legal “registered marriage” can exist in Australian Society like a legal abortion practice, but genuine Christians need to keep their “one flesh” union (marriage), pregnancies and children away from these legal harmful abusive man-made practices because they destroy the truth about language, life, marriage, family, relationships, infidelity, culture, history, science, social science, religion, and the Australian way of life. When you have been raised to believe a legal practice is a good thing for society/church/patients this does make it hard to remove yourself from the practice of “registered marriage,” “indulgences,” registered nurse/doctor/health professional. However, we need to remind ourselves that the Nazi Party created German laws to legally killed Jews, controlled peoples minds and lives and the law didn’t make it a moral practice. It is extremely important for genuine Christians to not be deceived by the Antichrist who comes dressed up in sheep’s clothing pretending to be a genuine marriage, but it is a fake or sham marriage which will destroy the genuine Christian church and the language of the gospel about the truth of marriage between one man and one woman.

      • Janine,
        I agree. The 1975 family law deforms denied the reality of the sexual intercourse foundation of all genuine marriages, replacing this in law with a civil marriage certificate and no-fault divorce (no-adultery divorce). This greatly increased sexless marriage, and marriageless sex. Of course, there was always fornication, adultery, prostitution, sodomy, sexless marriage (marriage of convenince) before, but this new artificial family law allowed the both government and Australian culture to embrace, endorse and promote these deviant activities, redefining the Australian way of life to include “moving in together” and so on.

        The 1980s really pushed this further, with economic reforms such as keeping young people in matric/uni, and out of work, so they can be encouraged/manipulated into these abusive relatioships and activities. The money spent on HECS/HELP goes to Marxist lecturers who then provide goverments with academic/legal justification for promoting sexual deviance. This money could be paid directly to young people in the form of part-time employment to help give them a start in life, instead of being used to buy junk degrees employers don’t even want from Marxists intent on destroying society.

        We cannot successfully fight the sham marriage practise of same-sex marriage, without exposing the sham marriage practise of civil man-woman marriage. We need to have a “marriage reformation” in Australia, and restore the one-flesh truth about marriage in our law and culture. Marriage is pre-existing, self-authenticating, and self-replicating; no government required or desired. Parliament is no more able to change the law of marriage than it is to change the law of gravity. But the government must recognise the truth about the natural law and phenomenon of one-flesh marriage, as this produces the children, and the best environment to raise them, to become the next generation of productive taxpayers, without which the government cannot survive. One-flesh marriage should be the only sexual relationship actively promoted by the government. All other sexual activities/relationships cost the government millions, because they spread disease and dysfunction; promote jealousy, suspicion, depression, and domestic violence; reduce peace, security, stability, economic productivity and employment opportunities for young people, to name a few.

        I agree that words like homosexual and heterosexual are LGBTIQ pseudologies which have no meaning. These two terms create an artificial difference where none exists. The essential diversity of mankind is not homosexual and heterosexual, but male and female. There are no ‘gay’ people or ‘straight’ people; there are men and women.

        The LGBTIJ dictators carry on as though they invented same-sex relationships. Most Australians have always had numerous life-long, loving and committed, 100% infertile same-sex relationships: men with their fathers, brothers, sons; women with their mothers, sisters, daughters. These are not marriage; they are the result of marriage. Don’t they realise, men and women also have same-sex friends? Well, big whoop; two men are friends, not spouses.

        The more one thinks about this issue, it is crazy that we Australians have accepted civil marriage as something that would strengthen our marriages. Since 1975, the government has no longer recognised the true foundation/nature of one-flesh marriage, even for those who married before this date; reducing its civil marriage to state-registered friendship. This doesn’t strengthen marriages, it weakens them. Imagine saying to a friend, we have a great friendship don’t we? So let’s get a certificate from the governemnt, because this will make our friendship even better. You wouldn’t stay friends for much longer. Plus, if sexual intercourse is no longer a requirement for civil marriage, then move over “robotic sex doll”, because a window display dummy would be just as desirable.

        The phrase “same-sex couple” is also an oxymoron, only a man and woman can be a couple, the two become one flesh, and this is a single entity which needs no regristration from the government, just like the single entity of a single person doesn’t.

        I am a gay man, because I am happy and carefree. I have more than one female relative with this name, and I am royally disgusted and offended at the LGBTIQ dictators’ abuse of this word. A man can no more be a gay man than he can be a gertrude man.

        • Michael,

          I do agree Australian genuine Christian will have a reformation over civil marriage by exposing the legal “sham marriage practice” of civil man-woman marriage. How has it happened that civil marriage holds a power monopoly over a nature rite of passage event like healthy “one flesh” marriage? The history of independent midwives in Australia provides understanding how G.Ps and medicine used the government powers of laws to take over the natural event of child-birth by claiming that midwifery care was unsafe which was a lie. The truth is civil marriage in Australia has nothing to do with “love” as sexual intercourse isn’t the basis of this legal union. It is only an exclusive legal union for a man-woman living arrangement/husband-wife relationship and same-sex couples don’t meet this basic criteria. In Australia, genuine Christians got involved in the practice of “registered marriage” like doctors, nurses and independent midwives got involved in registered healthcare as it was for the good of society. The law is suppose to protect the public and regulations provide healthcare professionals guidelines under which they’re suppose to practice.

          However, civil man-woman marriage was changed with the introduction of no-fault divorce law in 1975 because this allowed for the significant breakdown of marriage and families by encouraging and promoting adultery/affairs, sexless marriages, “open marriage” and “bachelor-married man.” The only way genuine Christians are going to be able to fight against the redefinition of marriage is to claim independence of the legal practice. When a midwife, nurse or doctor don’t agree with the registration requirements they cease to purchase registration so they become non-registered. This means, they don’t need to have an accident or cause an injury to a patient/client for them to become a non-registered health professional. Therefore, genuine Christians don’t need to get divorced in order to have a non-registered marriage. When genuine Christians don’t believe in the practice of “registered marriage” because the federal parliament has changed the meaning of “registered marriage” for all Australians, then this voids their registered marriage contract with the state because they didn’t legally consent to the new meaning. This will leave civil marriage with only a legal state marriage certificate for a public wedding ceremony, but this has never been enough evidence to detect “sham marriages.” However, it is important for genuine Christians to separate from civil marriage as this will give them an “independent marriage” so they can practice the free exercise of their religion which only believes marriage is a public commitment to a life-long, faithful “one flesh” union between one man and one woman as they can procreate new-life. This will enable them to continue the practice of nurturing and raising their children with the true understanding of marriage and family. There is no law in Australia against the practice of “independent marriage” so genuine Christians can continue to practice their “one flesh” marriage which procreates biological children as this has existed from the beginning of time. The federal parliament might give Rodney Croom and Penny Wong a legal right for a “registered marriage” so they can get a legal marriage certificate for a wedding ceremony in order to claim the legal status of “marriage,” but this will be known as a legal “sham marriage practice,” but they can never claim an “independent marriage” because they can’t practice a “one flesh” union/marriage which procreates biological children. The government can’t use the anti-discrimination laws against genuine Christians because the sexual orientation of “heterosexual” is protected. Genuine Christians will separate the owner’s purchase of cat or dog registration certificate with a local council from their “one flesh” marriage which procreates biological children.

          • Janine,
            Thankyou for your lucid comments. We are all taught to believe without thinking that babies should be born in hospitals, with goverment registered doctors and nurses delivering them. Even more so thesedays, as GPs don’t do home visits, and won’t touch childbirth anyway due to public liability insurance, even though they know how to deliver babies. Hospitals are to help sick people get well again; having a baby is a normal and healthy event. Christians of all people should know that God is able to keep both mum and baby safe and well, even when the birth takes place in a stable. Once government starts getting involved in registering things, it slowly begins to take over, until it ends up defining them. It seems that most healthy pregnancies are now delivered by induced labour, to suit the hospital’s timetable/shifts. Why do they think they know better than to let it happen naturally? It’s like orchardists spraying apple trees to make the leaves fall off; don’t they know apple trees are deciduous? It’s like farmers poisoning potato tops (which makes those black/grey spots/lumps in some varieties when cooked); don’t they know the tops die off naturally? The LGBTIQ spirit has infected the whole natural world: “you shall be as gods”.

            The Nazis showed what they were on about by the symbol they chose: a crooked cross with broken arms. The LGBTIQ supremacists show what they are on about by the symbol they use: a counterfeit straight rainbow of only six colours, not seven. Neil points out on his website that by using a deliberately wrong rainbow, the LGBTIQ dictators show that everything they are pushing is a total lie. The LGBTIQ counterfeit rainbow is a ‘rainstraight’, designed to mock Almighty God, and the symbol of his glory (Ezekiel 1:28) and judgement on sin (Gen. 9:13, Rev. 10:1). When one sees a really big rainbow, it is obviously the arc of a perfect circle like the rainbow surrounding God’s throne (Rev. 4:3). It is also a symbol of one-flesh marriage, because the man and the woman unite perfectly as a single entity. The LGBTIQ counterfeit rainbow is a straight line whose ends can never meet, because two men and two women can never be one flesh.

            The rainbow as a symbol of God’s glory is also relevant to childbirth. The way the ovaries and oviducts “overshadow” the womb is like the wings of the cherubim on the mercy seat on the ark of the covenant, because God is present to create new life. The womb is the holy of holies, as not even the woman’s husband can enter it. Conception is a “trinity” of male entering female; penetration, ejaculation, fertilisation. The sperm and egg cease to be what they were, and become “one flesh” of a new life. Abstinence during pregnancy is like at the dedication of the temple, when a priest could not perform his service, because the glory of the Lord filled the temple. God was present in the temple, but it could not contain him; the baby is present in its mother, but she gives birth when she can no longer contain it.

            If civil marriage is the equivalent of a cat/dog registration celebrated with a wedding ceremony, and if “activists” are calling for sexbot or window display dummy marriage (a non-living thing), then it follows that a man can celebrate his car registration with a wedding ceremony, and have that recorded as a civil marriage. I have seen grown men kiss the bonnet of a special cars with which they have a life-long, loving relationship. And popular culture portrays cars a objects of sexual desire, because they can be used to get away from parents/chaperones for sexual encounters; hence the phrase “rock ‘n’ roll”, which means fornication in the back seat. Car magazines appeal to this mindset by having cover photos of some pouty piece sprawling on the bonnet. But pornography tries to make people have sex in their brains, and do their thinking with their sexual organs. There is a reason God made the brain and the genitals to be the organs with the most distance between them! There is also a reason God made the genitals and waste disposal so close together, “I have set before you life and death…now choose life” (Deut. 30:19).

            The sacredness of one flesh marriage is all the more reason to keep Christian marriage independent of government-registered marriage, as this is another way to be “in the world but not of the world”. Just as the government cannot make it illegal to be single (which needs no registration), so it cannot make it illegal to be a single one-flesh entity with one’s spouse (with no registration).

  5. Now is the time for the Grandparents of Australia to stand up and voice their outrage at these people who are trying to breakdown the fabric of our society to make themselves
    feel “normal”, whilst brainwashing our young into their unnatural ways.

    • Deanne,
      It would be great if grandparents could provide some wisdom to the younger generation. Australians need to understand the concept of “registered marriage” is liken to “registered nurse” and other registered health professionals. Only a registered nurse is able to use the title “registered nurse,” despite carers doing nursing duties when they care for their family. A “registered nurse” is well respected in Australian society because the community has judged nursing as the most trusted profession. However, this good name of nursing could be severely damaged if unqualified workers were included in nursing and allowed to purchase a legal nursing registration and claim the title of “registered nurse” in order to claim money from the government for providing their services.

      • Deanne,
        Some Australian grandparents are in need of wisdom themselves. I was in an all male workplace where an employee was boasting about encouraging his grandson to pursue another employee’s daughter, with gross and dishonourable intentions. This obviously did a great deal for workplace harmony and economic productivity.

        Sometimes there are single people of grandparent-type age, with great wisdom on these issues. Having led a genuine single life devoted to Christ, they have had more time than others to observe life, and think about these things in light of the scriptures.

        Then there are grandparents still in their 30s, for example, former teenage mums with teenage daughters who are also mums. These have the wisdom to have their babies, despite circumstances, and despite parents/grandparents advising/pressuring them to “get rid of it”.

        If federal parliament amends the Marriage Act 1961 to legalise “2 people” marriage, then state parliaments will be able to change their respective police acts, so that anyone with the sartorial orientation of wearing a police uniform can be given the status, income and authority of a police officer, as this will clearly strengthen the institution of policing. And because the word ‘people’ includes children, kiddies playing cops and robbers can also join the police, which would obviously make Australia a much safer place.

  6. As P C Roberts says: “The West Has Arrived at Total Absurdity”.

    Read more

    Official guidelines issued by the British Medical Association says mothers-to-be-should be referred to as ‘pregnant people’
    The move aims to avoid offending and alienating transgender parents
    The advice came in a 14-page booklet titled A Guide To Effective Communication: Inclusive Language In The Workplace Why is language important? We are committed to promoting equal rights and …

    PDF]A guide to effective communication: inclusive language in the workplace…/bma-guide-to-effective-communication-2016.pdf?la=en

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