Top legal mind surveys the Slippery Slope from Civil Unions…

One of Britains top legal minds, Lord Brennan, gives a warning to those in Australia (Liberal Party take note) who think it is nice and harmless to allow Civil Unions; that this will not lead to full gay marriage:

In 2004, when the Civil Partnership Act was passed to provide legal protections for homosexual partnerships, Parliament was led to believe by the government of the day that this did not affect the established institution of marriage. But barely eight years later, political fashion has changed.

He confirms that gay marriage then leads, irresistibly, to other aberrations like group marriage - because if gender no longer matters in marriage, why should number:

In the Netherlands, where same-sex marriage was introduced in 2001, “cohabitation agreements” have been used to give three-way relationships a measure of legal recognition.

And Lord Brennan waves the flag for the biological reality of man-woman bonding, which society reinforces with all its laws and conventions - something we recognise, but we don't create:

Throughout history and across cultures, marriage has been recognised as being between one man and one woman. Over the centuries, when legislatures brought in laws on marriage, they were not inventing it, just recognising its reality.

And yet you can be sure that flabby Liberal MPs will parade their niceness by urging Civil Unions, and making out that opponents of Civil Unions are heartless and extreme. To them must be put one question: if it is reckless to destroy the objective meaning and honoured purpose of marriage (the task given by nature to a male and female, and reinforced by society, to form a home and, typically, bear and raise children), then why is it acceptable to go recklessly right up to the brink of this destruction - just stopping short, for a few years, of the culture-destroying move to homosexual "marriage"? That is what supporters of marriage-like Civil Partnerships are doing, and theirs is a triumph of feel-good Niceness over serious defence of marriage and family and social order.

They need to read this article by Lord Brennan QC, and survey with him the inevitable slippery slope from Civil Partnerships to gay marriage to group marriage to the collective insanity of our culture...

His article is HERE.


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