Tsunami-sized backlash predicted against ALP over gay marriage

Former ALP Minister Barry Cohen, writing in The Australian, predicts a massive backlash against his party on their decision to change their policy on marriage. In the article, he said this issue would determine how he votes:

“I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman – full-stop. Neither my first lady nor I will budge on this and we will vote accordingly. Why? Because we believe that marriage as now defined is the basis for family life and has been for thousands of years. We want it to remain so.”

While the language of this article is strong (please excuse the expletive), the sentiments are sound.

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2 Responses

  1. Peter Hayes

    I have voted Labor in most elections but have no option but to find another party or independent to represent me as I have been betrayed by the party in an appeasement to the Greens. The change of stance on gay marriage is the final act in what has been a circus designed to stay in power no matter what promises are broken.

  2. Mike Kenny

    I have voted Labor and independant all my life. However this decision by the Labor party to endorse same sex marriage cuts into one of the fundamental Institutions of s

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