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Gay designers support nature’s design, oppose gay ‘parenting’

gay fashion designersWhen gay European fashion legends Dolce and Gabbana made comments last week against gay marriage and gay parenting, the first instinct, of course, of the LGBT community was to urge a boycott of their gay brothers. Silence them. Exclude them from the monolithic gay-marriage party. These admirable gents are...
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Media highlights since our Launch: over Half a Million Views!

SBS ban header   The Mardi Gras Parade, that proudly political protest march with its “marriage equality” float, was certainly the right time to place our gentle counter-protest. That decision, and the subsequent decision by SBS to ban our ad, has stimulated debate in a big way. The ad has...
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Our official launch of the ‘Think of the Child’ campaign!

MEDIA RELEASE Saturday 7th March, 2015



Australian Marriage Forum ad broadcast during Mardi Gras - opposes "marriage equality" and calls for "equality for kids"
"For too long the same-sex 'marriage' debate has been framed solely in terms of the demands of adults", according to Dr David van Gend, President of the Australian Marriage Forum, speaking at the...
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