Breastfeeding Equality for Gay Men!


Breastfeeding brazilian

Get with the programme: gender is a social construct, we are not mammals, mothers don't matter, there is no difference between male and female parenting.

It is time to demand Breastfeeding Equality for gay men! Our nipples are as good as your nipples!

Only when we have Breastfeeding Equality will children raised by gay men be equal with children raised by Breeders - because "the longer babies breastfeed, the more they achieve in life".

Only when society bans the bigotry that preferences female mammary glands over male mammary glands - only then will babies of gay households benefit from the breastfeeding-related rise in intelligence and long-term educational success confirmed in a study just published in the Lancet Global Health medical journal.

To quote the summary finding of this study of over 6000 Brazilians from all socio-economic classes:

Breastfeeding is associated with improved performance in intelligence tests 30 years later, and might have an important effect in real life, by increasing educational attainment and income in adulthood.

The preference of the tiny human cub for the infinitely soft and comforting breast of his mother over the useless nub of the male is a gendered stereotype serving economic forces that keep women in the nursery.

The bond-beyond-understanding that exists between a baby made from the body and soul of that woman, a creature who has heard nothing but the mother's heartbeat and her surround-sound voice all of his brief intrauterine existence - no, it is nothing special to be able to rest against that heart-beat, sink deep into that warmth and protection, hear the only voice there has even been, still draw life and comfort.


Letting homophobes say that mothers and milk and mammalian bonding are important and males need not apply is "actually harming the many Australian children being raised by same-sex couples because it defends discrimination against their families". Didn't Rodney Croome say so?


Either teach your children from kindergarten that men can breastfeed just as well as women, or ban breastfeeding as a hetero-normative hate crime. There is no place in the 21st century, with parent 1 and parent 2 on the child's 'birth' certificate, for preferencing one gender in such a discriminatory way.


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