Demonise and censor: the winning strategy of the gay ‘marriage’ movement.

Censored(Today at Online Opinion, the AMF President reflects on benighted Ireland, local vandals, SBS censorship and the need for a plebiscite for so great a revolution as same-sex 'marriage')

“Ireland’s tolerant elite now demonise anyone who opposes gay marriage” according to Brendan O’Neill, editor of Spiked magazine.

Bernard Keane, political editor at Crikey, tweets his thousands of followers that Lyle Shelton, managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby and opponent of gay marriage, is “a nauseating piece of filth” (see tweet published around 10pm 23/05/15).

As for me, I am a “bigot” in big red painted letters on the wall of my medical centre this week, courtesy of a local vandal who does not like my opposition to same-sex marriage. But wait, there’s more, according to a staff columnist in the Courier Mail who reminds the state of Queensland that I am not only bigoted but intolerant and “comically homophobic”.

I beg to differ, as does my good friend Lyle Shelton and so many others who dare to stand up to the juggernaut of pro-gay intolerance, but it just rolls right over us.

On the same day as the vandalism, a gent called Joel emailed me to agree I am a bigot, and to inform me that “all the people in my circles would like to punch you in the face”.

What an honour it is to cop this sort of abuse for the sake of something so nearly sacred: the primal life between mother, father and child, which will be dismembered by laws that institute single-sex marriage and parenting, therefore depriving a child of her mum or her dad.

What an honour it is to endure legal harassment, whereby a gay activist took me, unsuccessfully, to the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal of Queensland because I wrote in the Courier Mail that a child needs a mum and a dad.

What a harbinger this is of future intimidation of conscientious objectors under a gay marriage regime.

Overseas we observe many cases of the crushing of conscience where homosexual marriage is law: parents in Massachusetts denied the right to withdraw their child from lessons by gay activists; church adoption agencies in England having to close when compelled to place children in homosexual households; a teacher in London demoted for refusing to read a storybook to her class promoting same-sex marriage.

To the intolerant elite, denial of conscientious liberty to such bigoted reactionaries is right and good.

Then there’s censorship by the media elite. The openly gay CEO of SBS, Michael Ebeid, was grilled last month in a Senate committee for pulling our TV ad, “Equality for the Child”, which had been booked for the Mardi Gras parade. SBS is the taxpayer-funded broadcaster which joined major corporations last week in full-page ads for gay marriage. Ebeid told the Senate committee he would broadcast a pro-gay marriage ad during the parade, but that he rejected our opposing message as “prejudiced".

And don’t mention the ABC’s Q&A, where host Tony Jones cannot find one living soul in all of Australia to give a heartfelt case for true marriage.

There is only one way to clear the toxic air of media bias on this momentous question and that is to hold a national plebiscite where public broadcasters must give equal time to both sides.

If the people are given the ultimate conscience vote of a plebiscite and they choose to repeal natural marriage and family, then even nauseating pieces of filth like little old bigoted me will have to accept it, with a heavy heart.

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