New Lessons Learned from Overseas

There are so many reasons to love living in Australia, one of which is the fact that we are amongst the vast majority of countries where genderless marriage is illegal.

It means we have the benefit of watching the fallout in countries where marriage has been degendered. Here are some recent developments…

In the UK - Once marriage is redefined and degendered, intolerance is redefined as the new “tolerance”, as a couple in the UK discovered.

After hearing about their traditional views on marriage, social workers rejected their request to adopt the two children they had been fostering for almost a year. The couple said: “The decision ... appears discriminatory to us and not related to the children’s needs. The children love us: we love them. All the reports show that we are a loving, caring and stable family. What more could a child need?”

In the USA - Make no mistake, if same-sex 'marriage' is legalised in Australia, you will be demonised even for associating with any organisation that promotes traditional marriage. Chip and Joanna (a reality TV couple) have made NO public comment about marriage, yet they are the victims of a hate campaign across USA media because the pastor of the church they attend believes marriage is between a man and a woman...

Genderless marriage has been legal in Massachusetts for a few years now, so they’re a good case study. To find out what’s been happening there, this video is a must-watch:

In Belgium – How do two men get a baby? At a baby market! A direct result of degendering marriage in the USA is a rise in the demand for commercial surrogacy in places like Belgium. From Ethics Forum:

“Branding unwanted childlessness as discrimination and injustice, several branches of the LGBT community are lobbying for gay men and transgender women to have biological children of their own…
“New terms were launched to keep the transactions as business-like as possible: the surrogate mother was called “a carrier”, the egg donor “a genetic material contributor”. Some agencies also offered a money-back guarantees (no kidding) and “multiple cycle package” deals.”

Women and children are not commodities but this is the brave new world that awaits when genderless marriage is legal.

In CanadaThe National Post reports:

“Bill 28 erases the basic, core rule of our law that a person is the child of her natural parents and deletes all references to ‘mother, ’father’, and ‘natural parents’ from Ontario statutes, replacing them simply with ‘parent’. It also removes references in some statues to persons being related ‘by blood’, while expanding its meaning in others to include new forms of legal family relationships that are not, in fact, blood relationships.”

Once same-sex couples are declared equal in every way, the rights of children are stripped away. Under Bill 28, a child will have no right to know who they biological parents are, stripping them of their identity and biological heritage. Medical history, cultural history, family tree – all erased.

Take heart!
Mexico – In September, tens of thousands marched against the proposal to legalise same-sex marriage. “Gay marriage is permitted in Mexico City as well as in several states, but the president has proposed changing the constitution to allow it nationally.”

Taiwan – On December 3, Tens of thousands took to the streets in support of traditional marriage. “DPP legislators originally planned to revise the Civil Code to allow same-sex marriage, but in the wake of such large scale protests are now considering drafting a special law for such unions.”

So what does marriage really mean in Australia?

Former same sex “marriage” activist, James Parker:

“At its core, a committed, eroticised same-sex relationship doesn’t have the same components as a marriage. Because it can’t. It’s wholly different. I know what it’s like to live both sides of the marriage debate. It’s cruel to fool each other that heterosexual and homosexual relationships are equal and the same. They’re not. To embrace this lie shows further injustice and ultimately deceives same sex-attracted people.”

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