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A small favour: If you have a moment, please write a quick, polite note telling the Senate enquiry into same-sex 'marriage' and religious freedom that they have comprehensively missed the point...

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Our friends at Marriage Alliance give a very simple one-step method for sending in submissions - see the link below. Others might like to consult the enquiry website at

Submissions due by Friday 13th! Spread the word!

The AMF team will be sending in a substantial submission but remember: numbers matter to any committee - even a short sentence or two of sincere concern counts in the total "for and against" tally for these national enquiries.

We will be saying that our side of the debate opposes SSM for much broader reasons than mere crushing of conscientious and religious liberty - although that is oppressive enough!

Fundamentally, we oppose SSM because it is an abuse of the power of LGBT adults to fulfil themselves emotionally at the expense of the emotional needs and fundamental rights of children. SSM is deeply unjust: it would force future children to miss out on either their mother or father - not because of some tragic event like the death or desertion of a parent, but because of an Act of Parliament. A law for SSM, like the one being considered by this Senate committee, would institute motherless families and fatherless homes as an ideal in our law. That is plain wrong.

Also we oppose SSM because it is an abuse of the power of 'progressives' in society to impose their sexual values on the rest of us. We know that the LGBT lobby and its permissive fellow-travellers want to use the power of anti-discrimination law that comes with genderless 'marriage' to impose radical homosexual/bisexual/transsexual "Safe Schools" education on our kids - and we parents will have no grounds to push back. (See Ch.5 of Dr van Gend's book, Stealing from a Child, for local and overseas examples of this violating of parental rights over the moral education of their children).

Thank you!

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15 Responses

  1. Jan

    AJ, I think it is important that anyone wanting to write a submission understands that any points that they raise have to be in the terms of reference of the inquiry.
    The Senate Inquiry members have made it quite clear that they will scratch out and not take any notice of submissions that address other points of concern that do not fit into the terms of reference.

    • I was about to make the same point.It’s a real concern to me that a flood of submissions (brief or lengthy) that do not address the terms of reference will not only be effectively ignored (as per the inquiry website guidelines) but may do more harm than good.
      I do agree that a couple of sentences can be extremely valuable but would strongly urge anyone wanting to make a submission to take the time to study the material and find a specific point on which to write the said couple of sentences. For example, the rights of existing marriage celebrants must be protected if the law is changed.

      • Jan and Margaret,
        Agreed. The draft marriage amendment on the committee’s website is just that; a draft of the proposed amendments. To write a detailed submission, one would need to have look at the Marriage Act 1961, and probably the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 as well, to see how the amendments would change the existing laws.

        The first proposed amendment to Subsection 5(1) of the Marriage Act, Omit “a man and a woman”, substitute “2 people”, is extremely wrong and highly offensive, because the word ‘people’ includes children, by definition. The phrase “a man and a woman” describes legal adults, not minors or children, so why substitute the deliberately broader word ‘people’? One of the LGBTIQ goals is to eliminate the difference between adult and child for sexual purposes; we have seen a legislative precedent in Tasmania’s Reproductive Health Act 2013, which says “Woman means female of any age“.

        Proposed amendment 9 is to repeal Subsection 88B(4) of the Marriage Act, in Part VA — Recognition of foreign marriages. This would delete the words “To avoid doubt in this Part, marriage has the meaning given by subsection 5(1)”. This implies that any foreign marriage could then be recognised in Australia, polygamous or underage etc.

        • Agreed.
          But the main focus here for both AMF and Marriage Alliance (and also for ACL who sent out information on the inquiry to supporters mid December) has been on protection of religious freedom and how well the Exposure Draft deals with this, so I think it is reasonable given the time frame to focus on that in any submissions we might make in the few days remaining.
          The Exposure Draft is NOT difficult to read and frankly if we care enough about this I think it merits more than a moment of our time.

          Can’t claim to have stuck with the ‘couple of sentences’ with mine (not being a woman of few words!) but I did resolve to stick to a single page!
          To me the protection of the rights of existing marriage celebrants is absolutely vital and if protection of the rights of marriage celebrants on an ongoing basis could be achieved that would be wonderful (remembering that they are in principle licensed to conduct marriages ‘under the Act’).

          Goods and services: how much might we ‘reasonably ‘ expect?The Exposure Draft is surprisingly ‘generous’ in this respect using the concept of ‘reasonably incidental to the solemnisation of a marriage’ BUT it only applies to ‘religious bodies and religious organisations’ (could this for example mean an association of Christian wedding florists/photographers/ caterers/bakers?).

          I do remain very troubled hat a flood of submissions that do not address the terms of reference will not only be a waste of a lot of moments but also counterproductive.

  2. Unfortunately, Australian Christians will be living in a post-truth culture if the federal parliament makes an observance to a legal “same sex marriage” as this is an oxymoron like “bachelor-married man” and doesn’t make any sense. If Brexit is a civil divorce, then a civil marriage is only an exclusive legal union and removes the basis of any genuine marriage used to detect “sham marriages.” An American report recently highlighted the statistics of American married couples, but this is meaningless and pointless because civil marriages are only a complicated legal union between 2 people and this is equivalent to an owner’s purchase of a cat or dog registration certificate with a local council and celebrated in a wedding ceremony. The Australian federal parliament has never had a Constitutional right to define marriage and the purpose of marriage for genuine Christians, but it gave federal parliament a right to defend, support and protect marriages for the good of Australian society. At least my children, extended family and community understand that a legal “same-sex marriage” is a sham marriage or fake marriage and is based on a fantasy marriage like Disneyland. Australians and government authorities should expect a significant increase in “sham marriages” if they introduce a legal “sham marriage practice,” and they should expect more people to abuse and rort the Australian marriage benefits by claiming their civil marriage is legitimate because they have evidence of a legal state marriage certificate and wedding ceremony which were never enough evidence for a genuine marriage. Unfortunately, the genuine marriage criteria will become irrelevant because there is too much difference between same-sex and man-woman married couples as they don’t have the same type of man-woman living arrangement/husband-wife relationship/ sexual intercourse/ procreation. The Family Court will lose business once man-woman married couples realise their marriage is no longer treated fairly in the breakdown of their marriage because it has to be treated legally the same as married same-sex couples. There are many Australians who have argued over the years that a legal “same-sex marriage” takes the higher ground over Christian marriages. The LGBTIAQ lobby dictators don’t allow genuine Christians to publicly believe in marriage as a public commitment to a life-long, faithful sexual union between one man and one woman whom can procreate new-life as this consummates a genuine Christian marriage which no church can annul and adultery is grounds for divorce. The LGBTIAQ lobby-dictators don’t believe Christians should have any exemptions and their stupid excuse to allow Christian ministers/priests an exemption is only until they get their way by breaking down marriages and legally redefining families with their crazy life-style. I grew up in a immoral community and there were many children/adults who didn’t think with their brains, but behaved like feral animals and everyone I knew lived on some type of welfare. My parents joked about the time that us children got more money from the government than my parents got going to work for the year. However, it is hard to believe that this mentality of equality “feral animals” has spread right across Australian society. I have witnessed the anti-vaccination nurses, and the people who believe in a magic pill/ alternative health, their feelings and Dr Google and it is impossible for them to make a decision using logical and rational arguments based on scientific evidence.

    There is a chronic shortage of doctors and nurses around the world and it is hard to believe the serious health problems the NHS has experienced in both England and Canada. Today, the Guardian reported on the significant dental health problem of children in England requiring surgery to remove decayed teeth in hospitals, and the Guardian recently reported that the hospitals were in crisis over the Christmas period because people were dying on trolleys because there weren’t enough staff and beds. The British government had plenty of money to spend on the LGBTIAQ agendas, but this means there is less money to spend on public health services for the majority of people. There is a reason that activists have been lobbying governments around the world for a legal “same-sex marriage,” assisted suicide, legal abortion and the death penalty and all these services costs huge amounts of money. There are many industries including health which makes huge amounts of money from children/adults adopting abusive sexual behaviours and practices. However, It was reported, “Government officials and insurance companies must establish policies that redirect resources to health promotion and disease prevention and reward providers and consumers for remaining healthy. The program must include education component to re-educate, re-socialise and reward the population to maintain healthy lifestyle and health.” Previous generations experienced death from STDs prior to antibiotics so no one should be surprised about the criminalisation of homosexual behaviour of men because the real threat of death which is similar when people abusively use guns which causes death.

    The World Health Organisation has been warning for a number years that diseases including STDs such as Gonorrhoea have become drug-resistant and if new drugs aren’t developed than we should expect more people around the world to have shorten life-cycles. I have witnessed the significant investment public hospitals have made towards infection control, but the school system has failed across Australia to educate students for this new world of drug-resistant diseases and mental illnesses. When children have tooth decay because their parent have been committed to buy sugary food for their children and they love the taste, then the answer isn’t for health services to encourage and promote more surgery food in their diet. It is obvious that not all natural desires, wants, passions, lusts, feelings and thoughts are good for people. Unfortunately, children haven’t learnt to discriminate against certain types of behaviours and practices for creating a healthy life-style for their health. The school education system has been encouraging and promoting policies that remove all forms of discrimination and this has been viewed as evil, bad, dangerous, wrong and immoral, but they haven’t provided no logical and rational argument based on scientific evidence. In a generic world, Businesses and Companies brand names become as good as dead as students are taught there should be no difference between banks, food services, petrol companies etc. Therefore, people wii demand that governments should create laws which stop them using their brand label as the customer is unfairly paying for this unnecessary label. In an “equality world” no one is to behave differently without being punished by government authorities and everyone gets the same basic pay to live on and they’re given the same type and amount of food/clothes/housing so no one is offended, insulted and humiliated. The younger generation are brought up as snow flakes because they’re unable to cope with the reality of death and if they were more resilient they would understand the difference between same-sex couples and married couples. I believe that the education system and parents have failed to teach the younger generation about the true meaning of words and the reason we use different words for good communication. It is impossible for the law to support two completely different meanings of “marriage” which directly attack each other and makes the word is as good as dead and buried. Australians could blame Universities for their lack of discipline over the English language and not wanting to offend students because they pay their salaries, but maybe the federal government created this problem by not funding Universities to act independently of students.

    • Janine,
      Thankyou for taking the time to write the above insightful post, I hope all AMF followers take the time to read it. You are certainly right that “the LGBTIAQ lobby-dictators don’t believe Christians should have any exemptions”; I put in my submission that Rodney Croome has shown what the LGBTI:Q think of religious freedom by publicly using the phrase “bigot with a Bible” (Talking Point, the Mercury, 31 August 2016).

      You are right about the two different meanings of the word ‘marriage’ making the word meaningless; two different things cannot be called by same word marriage. As Daniel says, “truth will be cast to the ground”.

      The first amendment of the exposure draft, using the phrase “2 people” which includes children, so profoundly reveals the ideology and spirit of this anti-truth movement. The LGBTJQ dictators are turning children into adults sexually, while turning adults into children mentally, making both the same type of feral animal. But this is worse than feral; even the feral animals near me, wallabies, possums etc. know how to behave and care for their young properly.

      The reduction of adult mental capacity is ably demonstrated by their obsession with smart phones/tablets – such devices have become electronic adult sitters. Good grief, can’t someone do the shopping without phoning home? Plus it is so sad to see poor children being dragged along by their ‘adult’ parents who are more interested in poking and stroking their phones.

      I have witnessed the extension of universal matriculation, and near-universal university attendance. Part of this is economic policy, to keep late-teens and early-20s out of the labour market, so they don’t show up in unemployment figures. People used to be educated by their parents, and extended family, by their church, by getting apprenticeships while young so they can learn from people with life-experience, as well as job experience. Now they are kept far too long in age-segregated herds, and encouraged/manipulated into dangerous and unhealthy sexual behaviours and other life-choices. These choices are glorified by the media, with recent pictures in the Mercury idolising late-20s fools smearing themselves with mud at a ‘music’ festival.

      Part of the breakdown of society is achieved by encouraging/manipulating young people into condom-based sexuality. If people are not uniting themselves properly in both the marriage relationship and the marriage act itself, they are making a counterfeit bond which is the more easily broken.

      Condoms are called condoms because they are a con. They do not protect people from STDs nor from pregnancy; they merely give the illusion of doing so. Promiscuity is encouraged so the the baby-killing industry can collect taxpayer dollars for blood money, billing Medicare for as many items as possible per abortion procedure, then selling body parts for profit. I put in my submission to state parliament in 2013, it should illegal to do so. The abortion industry is cynically and sinisterly fulfilling the call to invest in “renewable resources”.

      Condoms are also a con because they con people into thinking they are having sex, when they are really only using each other’s bodies for masturbation. Sex with condoms or with any deliberate chemical/surgical infibulation is not intercourse; it is outercourse, or coitius fictus. Sex-soaked culture mocks genuine Christians being virgins until marriage, saying they are afraid of sex. But it is really the people who put a barrier between themselves who are afraid of sex.

      The institutions of society previously to be relied upon to set and uphold a standard to follow, are now leading the corruption. I was personally told by an ex-member of the RAN’s elite submarine arm that the philosophy when on shore leave is to find ’em, feed ’em, [fornicate] ’em, forget ’em.

      Part of the cost of the health system is the expectation to provide carcinogenic and potentially abortifacient anti-ovulation drugs. Ovulation is what a normal, healthy woman’s body does naturally. Surely this is a lifestyle drug, like tobacco or alcohol, and shouldn’t be funded by taxpayers. If there were a drug to stop a man’s beard from growing, or a drug which prevented urination (a major daily inconvenience to both sexes), would Medicare be expected to pay?

      The condom culture circles back to create more unemployment. When a relationship breaks up/down, like the one I heard through the wall of my flat, the labour market/economy is then required to generate enough oojah to support that household to be spread across two establishments/living arrangements. Multiply by thousands across Australia, there are then fewer jobs for young people.

      It is time to stop generically blaming people who live on welfare, as there are many genuine people, even Christians who have that as a circumstance in their life; they might be carers, or being led by God through a ‘wilderness’ of unemployment/lack of life opportunity, as a time of testing. It is federal government policy to have 5% unemployment to control inflation, so that financially comfortable people can blame the unemployed for the ills of society. The real unemployment/underemployment figure is much higher, because a person with one hour’s paid work in the last fortnight is not counted as ‘unemployed’. Moses “lived off welfare” of the Egyptian royal family/government until he was 40, then led by God into a wilderness for another 40 years to prepare him for the work God set him to do.

      Some people who have jobs are greater bludgers/ferals than some of the genuine who don’t have jobs. People need to understand that the armed forces, the police, teachers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, public transport, are in a sense, all living off welfare, because the government pays for or subsidises all of these. The armed forces get extra money for going overseas. No other industry pays its employees extra simply for doing their job. Soldiers also get free or subsidised meals, clothing, accommodation, equipment, and medical and dental care. Even office workers get shelter and lighting and furniture provided. The lowest-paid outdoor workers on farms, orchards etc have to pay for these things themselves.

      Yes, the world is certainly becoming more generic, with brand names – competition – being deemed bad for us. I must admit that when I first heard on 4 Corners about 15 years ago that supermarket groceries and products would soon be totally generically branded, I thought it a bit far-fetched; how wrong I was.

      Aside from the hideous transgender aspect, sport is becoming generic, and bland. Enforcing conformity to the body-perfect ideal fitness means that people with natural talent and typical Aussie attitude to authority are now shut out of the game – hard to image Merv Hughes or Doug Walters getting a game of cricket thesedays, they wouldn’t fit the generic, equality, robot, yesman, automaton culture required for professional sport or public life.

      Politics is very bland and easily manipulated by the deceitful LGBTIQ dictators. Why are our pollies so afraid of them? Even the outspoken Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie, who uses a coarse and sexualised vocabulary when she knows it will get her media attention (see her remarks on the Adler shotgun for an example), is too afraid to tell the truth about same-sex “marriage”/homosexual behaviour.

      The generic equality world, and the breaking down the families and nations into one world government, is Satan mocking the kingdom of God, where we will all be one family, brothers and sisters with each other and with all genuine Christians from throughout the ages.

  3. Michael,
    Thanks for your kind words and you have made a lot of wise comments on this issue. The LGBTIAQ lobby-dictators are determine to force their political agenda on genuine Christians in Australia. Prior to Walt Disney creating the idea of Disneyland there was a piece of land filled with orange trees. However, Walt Disney established his fantasy world on this land by removing the orange trees and replacing it with his own creation. There would have been people in America who were upset and angry that the orange trees were gone, but they would have been crazy to continue to believe or continue to pretend that this land was still a land of orange trees. There will be genuine Christians in Australia that will be sad to see the federal parliament change the meaning of marriage for all Australians in order for the LGBTIAQ lobby-dictators can create their legal “gay life-style.” However, it would even be more crazy if I pretended to believe that my marriage is this same as this life-style. Therefore, a change in the law to create “Marriage is between any 2 people” will void my marriage contract with the state of NSW because I don’t believe in “child marriages” nor do I believe in “people marriages” as there is nothing special about the number 2 because there are cultures around the world have marriages with more than 2 people. What would genuine Christians do if the government used the words “Bachelor-married man” in the Marriage Act which is an obvious oxymoron? At what point would genuine Christians fight back against the Australian federal parliament that desired to create science fiction with human reproduction by farming embryos?

    Unfortunately, the Queen and genuine Christians in Britain haven’t argued for their religious freedom. Dame Louise Casey recently came out attacking Catholic schools for being homophobic and anti-gay marriage. Britain has lost their religious freedom which means all other freedoms including freedom of speech has been lost. It is obvious that changing the marriage law in Britain wasn’t only because gays wanted to get married, but to declare marriage has never been a life-long faithful “one flesh” union between one man and one woman whom have procreated new-life and this is an absolute total lie. Therefore, I will take my case to the Human Rights Commissioner in Australia so I can continue the practice my “one flesh” union like my German forefathers whom never had a legal state marriage certificate and refused to get married in their King’s state church because he was blessing all of his immoral acts in it. I don’t need a legal marriage certificate because the Bible doesn’t claim that God commands Christians to purchase of a legal state marriage registration certificate from the state and have it blessed by a Priest to be called married. Also, I don’t want the Australian Family Court interfering with my marriage because my husband and I don’t believe in divorce accept for adultery which has nothing to do with civil marriages/divorces in Australia. My husband and I don’t need any government marriage benefits as we never got married for money. Plus, we don’t need the marital status of Mr and Mrs or legal marriage to create a legal family. I want a legal right to identify my marriage as a “one flesh” union on all government documentation because this is the truth about my marriage. The next generation should understand that sexual intercourse is best when it is left for a committed, faithful “one flesh” union which has been known as “marriage” in Australia. I don’t identify my relationship as single, divorce, widow, civil marriage or defacto (of civil marriage). The marriage law has never protected unrelated people from a sexual relationship. I went to school with a 14 year old girl who got pregnant to her step-father. Also, there was a case in the news last year of a mother who had a baby with her consenting step-son who was over the age of 18 years of age and the court didn’t jail this mother. The law isn’t going to stop adoptive/surrogate/IVF children from being groomed by their legal parent/s to have a sexual relationship when they’ve become a consenting adult.

    The LGBTIAQ lobby-dictators lose all power from the law of discrimination when genuine Christians remove themselves from the lie that marriage needs to be defined by state authority – “Australian Marriage Act.” When genuine Christians takes the genuine marriage criteria: man-woman living arrangement/husband-wife relationship; faithful sexual union-sexual intercourse-one flesh; new-life, procreation, natural human reproduction. Then it leaves civil marriages with only a criteria of the same legal state marriage certificate and a wedding ceremony in order to detect “sham marriages.” 2 people of the same-sex can never have a genuine marriage because they can never meet the basic criteria of one man and one woman. I can’t believe that 70% of Australians could be so stupid to think any 2 people could claim to be “husband and wife,” but children aren’t learning there is a difference between man and woman as they have been taught not to discriminate against anyone because all people are the same and should be treated equally the same.

    • Janine,
      Thanks for that, to have one’s comments called wise by you is quite a compliment. I completely agree, at what point will genuine Christians start fighting back? Like Queen Esther, we were born for such a time as this. But it is so disappointing to see churches with otherwise Bible-believing reputations put signs on their noticeboards lamely saying, “have you considered Jesus?” Many people’s answer is, only as a swear word.

      Genuine Christians have every right to have the true basis of their marriages acknowledged by the government, and every right to tell the truth about marriage, family and sexuality in every public context. Good luck with the Human Rights Commission action; I pray many others will follow suit. Also, single people could take action against the Human Rights Commission, because changing the meaning of marriage changes the meaning of what it is to be single. When a genuine Christian single person ticks the ‘single’ box on a government form, he/she would never want that to be taken as being open to “marrying” a person of the same sex.

      In the past I have lodged 2 complaints in Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination Commission against a LGBTIQ pollie and journalist, but for some reason, mine have never received national media attention. Both were rejected, which though hardly surprising, I can use to prove its bias if I am ever the subject of a complaint. People here don’t realise the Tasmania’s Constitution Act 1934 section 46 says:–

      (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.
      (2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief and no religious test shall be imposed in respect of the appointment to or holding of any public office.

      Scripture shows us many times, from Adam and Eve’s example onwards, that no government, no certificate, no priest, and no other witnesses apart from God are necessary to get married. For example, Isaac came in from meditating in the fields and met Rebekah, be brought her into the tent and married her, just like that (Gen 24:67).

      • Michael,
        I agree with your comments. Isaac and Rebekah’s marriage was made public by God’s word in the Bible, but it didn’t need a certificate from the state nor a priest to bless their marriage and only required God as their witness. Unfortunately, Australian Christians are only in this mess of registered marriages with the state because we have moved away from the teachings of scripture and put our faith in the law of man including Church doctrine. Martin Luther realised man had created the belief in indulgences (Christians paying their way to God) as a way for the Catholic church to gain power and build expensive churches and this had nothing to do with God’s word in the Bible. I recently read an article on “robotic sex doll marriage” which will be the next to claim legal registration with the state after a legal “same-sex marriage.” Therefore, genuine Christians have no choice, but to fight for our religious freedom to keep our marriage as a life-long, faithful “one flesh” union between one man and one woman as they can procreate new-life because all types of living arrangements/relationships are demanding the legal marital status of marriage so they can claim government marriage benefits. Last year, my family visited America for 3 weeks and we couldn’t find a church to attend because they were promoting another agenda which wasn’t Christ. I recently read an article which detailed this problem of homosexuality and transgender dysphoria are taking over churches in the US and Canada. The article highlighted a problem of Catholic Priests were trapping gays into the gay lifestyle because they were confirming that this was their sexual identity and these churches were no longer teaching the scriptures on God’s design of marriage and family. All the major Christian churches including Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Uniting Church, Lutheran have not found any scripture which supports a change to the meaning of marriage between one man and one woman. I refuse to identify my marriage with a civil registered marriage because this is only a complicated legal union between 2 friends. I have read many of the marriage laws in other western countries which are all extremely different and their governments are creating these laws to control married couples behaviour and practices. The government and LGBTIAQ lobby-dictators have no power over genuine married Christians once they remove their marriage from being identified with a civil registered marriage (church separated from the state).

        • Janine,
          It is significant that in all the detailed laws God gave his chosen people Israel, there is no law or requirements about wedding ceremonies or having marriages blessed by a priest. Indeed, there was drastic punishment if a priest acted contrary to God’s law, even if he thought he was doing good. Aaron’s two eldest sons, Nadab and Abihu, died before the Lord because they burned incense contrary to regulations, offering “unauthorised fire” (or “strange fire” in KJV). When Jesus taught about marriage, he said a man shall leave his father and mother, and cleave unto his wife, becoming one flesh with her. He didn’t teach that we need a priest to bless our marriages, either in his earthly ministry, nor through Paul, his apostle to us Gentiles. Neither did they teach us to build church buildings; this is a doctrine made up by man. Even when Israel had the temple, there was only ever the one temple, and God showed us by tearing the veil, that it is no longer required, because of Christ’s sacrifice, once, and for all.

          Australian Christians must realise that God gave us armour because we have to fight for our freedoms. As well as being a book all about marriage, the Bible is a book all about battles and warfare. God’s people Israel had to conquer their promised land, and continue fighting enemies (who practised and worshipped sexual perversion) to stay there. In Australia and other western countries, this is a spiritual battle and a legal/court battle, but we also remember other countries, where Christians face violence, rape/sodomization, torture, and police brutality for their faith.

          It is also significant that a legal “same-sex marriage” is an attack on truth: factual, biological, sexual, legal, medical, scientific, and moral truth. The belt of truth is the first item of Christian armour to be put on, which means it is the last item to be taken off when one undresses. The LGBTIQ supremacists have already removed much of the church’s armour in western countries already, by seduction in many cases. “With smooth talk and flattery they deceive the minds of naive people”, as St. Paul tells us. Now the belt of truth is exposed, and same-sex marriage law is their attempt to rip off this belt so they can rape and sodomise the church, using it to get what they want when they want it.

          The LGBTIQ goal is to make people forget, or be blinded to, the meanings of words, so they can’t understand the Bible, or God’s truth as revealed through creation and everyday life. Changing the meanings of words means abolishing the meanings altogether. I saw a woman with a t-shirt saying “Naked for Satan”; does she know what that means? The local paper had a picture of a child whose t-shirt said “Bad to the Bone”; what sort of parent would dress an 8-year-old like this? An acquaintance was wearing a t-shirt saying “Everyone is entitled to my opinion”. He meant it as a joke, but the LGBTIQ dictators have adopted this sentiment in deadly earnest.

          A “robotic sex doll marriage” becomes feasible, because many people live only as “partners” which is short for “sex partners”, which means they live with their partner as with a “humanoid sex doll”. Perhaps the subculture of women who use plastic/robotic male orthotics find them more satisfying because the men they have been with have treated these women merely as aids to their own masturbation. But this culture helps women and children to be abandoned, because if a woman needs a man only to give her a baby, that’s all he’ll ever bother doing for her. Then we have women becoming single mothers via sperm donors (real or laboratory) as a lifestyle choice, which obscures the plight of abused/neglected mothers.

          If a man uses a woman’s body for his own masturbation, he will end up hating her, and his own child, when she becomes pregnant to him as a natural result. Even if they both decide to “get rid of it”, that will damage their relationship further, because they have destroyed the natural result of their voluntary union. If a woman is wronged by a man, she punishes him, taking his children away by removing them. But if a man is wronged by a woman, he punishes her, taking her children away by hurting or killing them. There was the man who drove the car with his children into the dam, drowning them. And there was the father who threw his 4-year-old daughter off a bridge, to get back at the mother. Their defence might be, it was just a post-natal abortion.

          If adults can marry “dolls”, and if any “2 people” including children can marry, then children can marry their dollies and teddy bears. Lots of children have an intense attachment to a favourite cuddly toy, taking it to bed every night. If adults and children are equally “2 people”, so are their respective toys.

          I agree, we need to ‘divorce’ Christian marriage from civil marriage. Anti-discrimination law is an LGBTIQ sharia law, which has no place in our legal system, because:–

          – Defendants are denied the presumption of innocence;
          – Complainants don’t have to prove they have suffered a concrete injury; and
          – “Evidence” that the complainant “is offended” would be thrown out of a magistrate’s court or supreme court.

          PS, I am grateful to AMF for letting people post long comments, as these would simply be binned by most other “pro-family” websites.

          • Michael,
            I agree with your wise comments. I contacted the NSW Marriage Registry and I let them know that the federal parliament has voided my registered marriage with the state of NSW because I never consented to a redefinition of marriage. The NSW Marriage Registry accepts registered overseas “same-sex marriage,” and I don’t believe “marriage is between any 2 people.” I recently read an article about LGBTIAQ immigration and refugees in the USA and it was comparing “sexuality” as a belief system with “religion” as a belief system. The Australian Constitution section 116 precludes the federal parliament from establishing a LGBTIAQ religion based on Marxist’s ideology that makes observance to a legal “same-sex marriage.” The Australian Marriage Equality is posting articles claiming that there are religious groups such as Catholic for marriage equality who believe same-sex couples should be able to have a civil marriage in Australia. Therefore, it is extremely important for genuine Christians to separate their “one flesh” marriage from a legal civil marriage which is only an exclusive legal union for a genuine man-woman living arrangement/husband-wife relationship.

            When doctors/nurses and other health professionals are registered with APRHA they have to abide by certain laws and regulations. When the professional body decides that the scope of practice of doctors/nursing including legal abortion this can directly impact on the conscience of some of these doctors/nurses. Genuine Christians can’t pretend that unwanted neonates are bodily wastes whom deserve death by doctors/nurses legally killing them, so they seek scopes of practice which are life giving. However, when these professions are known for doctors/nurses are legally killing patients because the scope of practice has been expanded to include legal assisted suicide, then Christian doctors/nurses will find it extremely hard to work within the profession and any will deregister in order not to legally kill any patient.

            My 3 children, 14 nieces and nephews, extended family and communities need to understand the truth that registered marriages are only legal marriages which create legal families. I don’t practice legal registered marriage as the government decides what living arrangement/relationships deserve the legal marital status of marriage for government marriage benefits. A single person doesn’t require a certificate from the government to claim the status of single, so I don’t need a certificate from the government to claim the marital status “one flesh.” It isn’t immoral to be single so it isn’t immoral to be in a public “one flesh” union (marriage). The federal parliament created a legal marriage and this has created a legal family whom are controlled by laws and regulations. This is extremely different to a genuine Christian marriage as this is a public commitment to a life-long, faithful “one flesh” union (sexual union – sexual intercourse (mind-body-soul) between one man and one woman who procreates new-life with God’s help (natural human reproduction). This consummates a genuine Christian marriage which no church can annul. A genuine Christian “one flesh” marriage doesn’t need to be registered with any government authority as it has existed from the beginning of time. My husband and I don’t believe in a divorce except for adultery, but civil/legal divorce doesn’t deal with adultery or sexless marriages as the Family Court is only interested in making money out of property in the breakdown of a legal marriage. The Bible is clear about not storing treasurers up on this Earth, so genuine Christians shouldn’t need a Family Court with the current morality standards on sexual behaviours of the lawyers and judges.

            I believe the Australian federal parliament created a Marriage Registry for the good of society, but the no-fault divorce significantly increased adultery/affairs, sexless marriages, “open marriages” including the oxymoron “bachelor-married man”- who is a married man, but he’s living sexually like a bachelor with multiple affairs/partners/unrelated children. There is plenty of evidence overseas that a legal “same-sex marriage” has significantly increased the practice of “sham marriages” and immigration authorities can’t control their borders. My life-time girlfriend and I could meet the new criteria of defacto “same-sex marriage” because we know everything about each other and there is no sexual relationship in any marriage law throughout the world for a same-sex married couple. Many genuine Christians overseas have experienced persecution for their faith in God’s marriage by being fined, jailed, loss of employment/business/career etc. The LGBTIAQ lobby-dictators won’t have any power with the anti-discrimination act over genuine Christians because the sexual orientation of “heterosexual” is equally protected with a “one flesh” union. When a LGBTIAQ lobby-dictator states, “marriage isn’t between a man and woman.” I will be able to respond by saying, “a registered marriage no longer identifies marriage between a man and woman, but I don’t identify with this legal marriage practice, just like I didn’t identify my high risk pregnancies with the legal practice of abortion. The legal registration of marriages now is for the purpose of harm minimisation so people don’t commit suicide and for the government to control people’s most intimate living arrangements/relationships.” Genuine Christians need to now no longer identify their “one flesh” with a civil marriage because the corruption and deception in the current registered marriages has made the fence go down so any type of living arrangement/ relationship can make a claim to the legal status of “marriage” for the government marriage benefits.

  4. Janine,
    I agree. Thanks for taking action with the NSW authorities. Thankyou for “coming out” about having had high-risk pregnancies; it is such a powerful witness against abortion when mums (and dads) do that. I was able to speak to Premier Lara Giddings on 14th June 2013 for about 15 minutes; she said what right did I have to talk about abortion, because “You are a man“. I said, calling me a man because I look like one is breach of the Anti-Discrimination Act. Took the wind out of her sails, for a moment, anyway.

    You are certainly right about government registration causing redefinition of everything, and reducing the scope of practise. Catholic adoption agencies have ceased in Britain, because they rightly will not place children with same-sex pretend families. Here in Tasmania, the Reproductive Health Act (Access to Terminations) 2013 requires all doctors to give people a list of abortion providers, agaisnt the doctor’s conscience, which is a breach of Tasmania’s own state constitution. It is also a breach of medical ethics, because the consultation between doctor and patient should be confidential, but doctors no longer have freedom to advise against abortion for any reason, including medical reasons. Plus, requiring doctors to provide a list of abortionists is a legal stupidity, because abortion is a legal medical procedure, freely advertised in the yellow pages, and which doesn’t need a referral, so the law should assume that “a reasonable person” is able to gain “access to termination” herself.

    And how dare Bob Brown complain about the injustice of Tasmania’s new workplace protest laws, when his Green disciples in state parliament all voted to criminalise peaceful protest against the abortion of healthy babies, with maximum penalties of 12 months’ jail and fines of $11,550. As a “gay man” he testifies by his conduct in this matter, that no-one is “born that way”.

    • Michael,
      Thanks for your comments as I didn’t realise that the Tasmanian parliament made it a crime to protest against legal abortion and doctors conscience had been denied legal protection. The Australian governments no longer criminalise sodomy or gay sex for harm minimisation reasons, but has never provided a reason for a criminalised behaviour should now be treated as “marriage.” The LGBTIAQ lobby-dictators are forcing Australians to pretend that their love of “gay sex” is the same love as “one flesh,” but a civil marriage is only an exclusive legal union which isn’t based on “love” or “commitment” since the introduction of a no -fault divorce in 1975. I am glad the AMF has allowed many people the opportunity to discuss the truth about marriage.

      • Janine,
        I wonder what harm it really minimises. If something is a crime, it cannot be promoted it to young children as normal and healthy. Contrary to LGBTIQ rhetoric, the law still does regulate the behaviour of consenting adults in private. In Tasmania, you are not allowed to smoke in your car if children are in it; you are not allowed to smoke in hotel rooms; and you are not allowed to smoke in rented property. It is impossible to police these laws, but they exist to promote public health.

        In 2008, Hobart City Council put up a statue to apologise for the police arresting 130 people when they shut down the “gay law reform” stall at Salamanca market in 1988. LGBTIQ dictators want the Tasmanian parliament to annul all convictions for “gross indecency between male persons”, as a first step to apologise for sodomy ever having been a crime. There is a problem with this, as the other “gay law reform” was to remove the crime of “unnatural sexual intercourse”, which covered a much wider range of sex crimes, and which a number of MPs (some former policemen) will not agree with annulling convictions under.

        Getting back to the topic of this page, the senate enquiry, it’s disappointing, though not surprising, to see the bewildering array of LGBTIQ groups there are. But worse is the number of “Christian” groups supporting this abomination. For example, Dr Muriel Porter’s submission says “the majority of worshipping Anglicans support same-sex marriage”. Who are they worshipping? Saying this is like the virgin bride of Christ bending over and lifting up her skirts for the LGBTIQ abusers.

        The truth about human sexuality is self-evident. How can anyone look at their body and honestly think it is good and healthy to do what the LGBTIQ do with it? Does parliament really think it can make the Australian people accept that driving your car the wrong way up a one-way exit is the same as normal, healthy driving? What if restaurants were required to serve faeces and call it food, and then grant exemptions to mininsters of religion who refuse to say grace over it, provided this is “reasonably incidental to the solemnization of digestion”?

        • Michael,
          Thanks for your comments.

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