Senate Enquiry Submission

A small favour: If you have a moment, please write a quick, polite note telling the Senate enquiry into same-sex 'marriage' and religious freedom that they have comprehensively missed the point...

Click Here to make your submission.

Our friends at Marriage Alliance give a very simple one-step method for sending in submissions - see the link below. Others might like to consult the enquiry website at

Submissions due by Friday 13th! Spread the word!

The AMF team will be sending in a substantial submission but remember: numbers matter to any committee - even a short sentence or two of sincere concern counts in the total "for and against" tally for these national enquiries.

We will be saying that our side of the debate opposes SSM for much broader reasons than mere crushing of conscientious and religious liberty - although that is oppressive enough!

Fundamentally, we oppose SSM because it is an abuse of the power of LGBT adults to fulfil themselves emotionally at the expense of the emotional needs and fundamental rights of children. SSM is deeply unjust: it would force future children to miss out on either their mother or father - not because of some tragic event like the death or desertion of a parent, but because of an Act of Parliament. A law for SSM, like the one being considered by this Senate committee, would institute motherless families and fatherless homes as an ideal in our law. That is plain wrong.

Also we oppose SSM because it is an abuse of the power of 'progressives' in society to impose their sexual values on the rest of us. We know that the LGBT lobby and its permissive fellow-travellers want to use the power of anti-discrimination law that comes with genderless 'marriage' to impose radical homosexual/bisexual/transsexual "Safe Schools" education on our kids - and we parents will have no grounds to push back. (See Ch.5 of Dr van Gend's book, Stealing from a Child, for local and overseas examples of this violating of parental rights over the moral education of their children).

Thank you!

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