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Media Release: Coalition stays faithful on Marriage

Tony Abbott"Tonight, the federal Coalition resoundingly rejected the cop-out of a 'conscience vote' on marriage", said Dr David van Gend, President of the Australian Marriage Forum. "No responsible party can be a policy-free zone on the foundational institution of society. That is why both major parties have a...
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As Federal Parliament reconvenes, in a week that will see yet another same-sex 'marriage' Bill tabled, the Australian Marriage Forum has placed a full page Ad in The Australian, challenging the injustice of so-called “marriage equality”.   The ad appeared on page 5 of The Australian Monday 10th August, 2015. Read more

MEDIA RELEASE: Plenty to fear from Labor’s “equality”.

Labor and Senator Wong are wrong: there is much to fear from “marriage equality”

“Senator Wong was wrong in her declaration to the Labor national conference that ‘there is nothing to fear from equality’”, said Dr David van Gend, President of the Australian Marriage Forum. “There is always something to fear when the self-interest of the...
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Moral and Political Aberration by the US Supreme Court

US Supreme Court mmbers 2015MEDIA RELEASE SATURDAY 27 JUNE 2015 “The US Supreme Court has ushered in a new era of civil discord with its politically activist and morally reckless ruling on homosexual ‘marriage’. We must not let that happen here”, said Dr David van Gend, President of...
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Now a former PM is trying to intimidate us!

Gillard pointingThis morning we read that former Prime Minister Julia Gillard is taking "legal advice" about our second TV ad, 'Motherless Generation'. See coverage HERE. If this lawyer and seasoned politician thinks that some legal sabre-rattling is going to make AMF roll up into a ball, she...
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