Ireland abandons her children

Ireland YES

Ireland has written a social suicide note and we grieve for her. But we will not follow her.

More than half the Irish have voted for homosexual marriage, seduced by celebrities to violate something they once held sacred: the life between mother, father and child.

From today, the Irish Constitution assumes a mother does not matter to a baby, and a father is irrelevant to his son. That is madness.

A constitutional right to same-sex marriage means a constitutional right to same-sex adoption and surrogacy, and that means motherless and fatherless families are now enshrined as an ideal in the Irish Constitution.

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny said the vote was “Yes to love” - but there are children who will never know the love of their mother because of Friday’s constitutional amendment. He said it was “Yes to inclusion” - but it deliberately excludes children of same-sex couples from “the natural and fundamental group unit of society”, which is how the Universal Declaration of Human Rights describes the trinity of mother, father and child.

If equality for gay adults means inequality for kids, where is the justice in that?

If removing spurious discrimination against gay adults means imposing genuine discrimination on children who are deliberately deprived of a mother or a father, what is the reason to celebrate?

Gay Irish celebrity blogger Paddy Manning rejected claims of discrimination against gay couples, saying “Marriage is, at its heart, about children and providing those children with their biological parents. Recognising difference is not discrimination.”

Here in Australia, there is no unjust discrimination against same-sex couples in any way, be it taxation, superannuation, Medicare, next of kin status or any other matter, since Federal Parliament amended eighty-five laws in 2008. Same sex couples have full relationship equality and are free to live as they choose; they do not have the right to choose a motherless or fatherless existence for a little child.

Here in Australia, we will resist the dementia that is afflicting the decadent West. If we are the last country standing, we will still not abolish a child’s birthright to the love of her mum or her dad just to gratify the demands of homosexual adults.

Nor will we let our children be taught in school, by force of gay marriage law, that the sexual relationship of two men is no different, legally or morally, to a child’s mother and father in marriage.

For serious gay activists the greatest cultural gain of this referendum will be that all Irish children must now be instructed in the constitutional normality, indeed desirability, of homosexual behaviour, and conscientious objectors will be silenced by the big stick of anti-discrimination law.

We have observed many instances of homosexual enforcement in jurisdictions that have legalised gay marriage: parents in Massachusetts have been denied the right to withdraw their child from lessons by gay activists and church adoption agencies in England have had to close rather than adopt babies to homosexual households. A teacher in London was demoted for refusing to read a storybook to her class promoting same-sex marriage, and the former Archbishop of Glasgow, Mario Conti, was reported to police by a Greens Party MP for teaching Christian doctrine on marriage during a sermon.

This is the uncivil future under a gay marriage regime, and yet the good-natured Irish succumbed to the stupidity of nice. They were trying to be kind to the two percent of their neighbours who identify as same-sex attracted, without understanding that gay strategists have despised marriage for decades as a patriarchal repressive institution and only want it now because it brings with it the power to compel social attitudes.

In Australia we will not be that stupid. There are ways of being kind to our gay neighbours that do not involve violating the foundational relationship of human society: mother, father, child.

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38 Responses

  1. Thsre is nothing really that can be added to your post other than: hear, hear.

    Maybe in public discourse highlighting those 85 law changes in 2008 is the way to go.

    • I couldn’t have said that better myself, @tonyjones
      I myself am gay, and have a fiancé of 2 years.
      Reading this post was so amusing, but at the same time, a little irritating. It is appreciated that people comment to convey to others the idiocy of what they are preaching; what with the numerous articles stating that marriage is itself being threatened, or that gay couples raising children will have an adverse effect on aspects of said children’s lives.

  2. Thanks for this article. It’s madness. Truly we are in the very last days. Gay marriage rights equals abolishing children’s rights. Gay marriage encourages the selfishness of adults while completely ignoring the well-being of children.

    These laws are not progressive but regressive. What’s next, polygamy? Polyamory? What’s to stop these movements (which are on the rise) from entering the so-called ‘equality’ marriage debate? Remove the traditional definition of marriage and it will have no argument to stand up against the next and inevitable push for ‘equality’. Cry for the children. Pray for Australia.

  3. An excelkent article….powerful and so true..
    I grieve over the nation of Ireland…..once a strong Catholic country based on God’s values but now abandoned to secular lobbyists who do not understand the serious social, moral or spiritual impluvations of what they have done. Tragic!!!

  4. Such an eloquent statement. Sad but steel true!

  5. I cannot believe I wasted 30 seconds of my life reading this article. It is ignorant and discriminatory. Get your head out of the sand.

  6. I do not understand why people say that gay marriage will harm, or have any adverse effect upon, children. Say we have two lesbians. They live together, have done for some years. They want to get married. If they do get married how on earth will that impact on any children. There are none in the equation. No children’s interests have been harmed. What is the issue?

    • Hi Tony, the children of gay and lesbian relationships/marriages will forgo one or other of a natural parent. That is a travesty and a tragedy. You may point to individual instances where children of these relationships appear well adjusted, however it it’s truly impossible to believe that there would not be a deficit in the lives of these children when considering large numbers.
      All children do need both a loving mother and father to gain all that they need to be all that they were created to be.
      So there are many instances in heterosexual relationships where children grow up without one or other parent. And the research is conclusive that on the whole, children don’t fare as well.
      There you have it Tony; it really is incontrovertible. What is really wrong tho is to deliberately set out from the beginning to deny your children this blessing and benefit.

    • That is simply because you don’t understand what marriage is. Why do you think the promotion of sexual fidelity has been so important to virtually every culture and religion worldwide since before stone age times. The whole purpose of marriage is to promote and support the binding together of the naturally family unit and the offspring that results. Every culture in the past that has not been so distracted by TV and computer games has been able to see these implications at work in the real world but now people are hugely influenced by the massive amounts of misinformation that are so easily promulgated with modern technology. If you actual spend the time to look at the evidence, however, you can easily see it is a smoke screen. The actual data supports what the ancients knew to be a fundamental truth. Just because they were not as technologically advanced as us does not mean they were not wise in matters relating to human relationships as these sorts of thing were a very large part of what they had to think about. We, on the other hand, are completely distracted to the point we can’t be bothered looking at the evidence.

    • The issue there is what example is this setting for our young people? It may not affect these middle aged women personally but of course same sex marriage is going to affect the whole of our society. I cannot believe this is happening in our very own ‘christian’ country! What about children – 2 mothers…2 fathers!! How confusing, besides the moral side of it. God help us!!!

  7. There is so much in the above that is pure hyperbole. “a social suicide note” [please don’t be silly]. “seduced by celebrities” [that’s right people can’t think for themselves – please don’t be silly]. “From today, the Irish Constitution assumes a mother does not matter to a baby, and a father is irrelevant to his son” [please – it means nothing of the sort – children matter to all people no matter who they are – this is silly hyperbole – do you think people’s emotions change overnight just because of an election result?] If you oppose gay marriage you will have to stop with the extreme nonsense and come up with realistic critique.

    • The evidence is clear. redefining marriage has had a hugely detrimental effect on the numbers of people becoming married and the numbers of children born into unstable family situations. You are the one ignoring the evidence word wide. If love is the sole basis of marriage (instead of sexual fidelity based on actual sex – not assisted masturbation). then there is no difference between a “loving” relationship and a married one. Marriage itself become redundant and completely irrelevant in people’s minds and the ability for the respect for marriage to do its job of promoting stability within the natural family is hugely diminished. Only those holding a more tradition view end up married and these people are then discriminated against, which further undermines marriage. Open your eyes and actually look at what is happening.

    • Surveys are already showing that children forced into this situation of 2 mothers or 2 fathers are saying they would rather have a mother and father. Can you blame them??? Adults are selfish in not thinking of children first. We can’t have everything we want or desire in life and this includes marrying someone of the same sex because of personal ‘feelings’ for each other!! Please God help this Nation and it’s people vote against this same sex marriage. Lord God, we need your help!

  8. Your article is at best insulting to all Irish people because you ignore their ability to think for themselves, to draw their own conclusions from the facts, and to be responsible for their decisions.
    What this article reveals, however, is how bereft of logical and consistent argument your organisation has become. By resorting to emotional statements (and I like Tony’s word, hyperbole) you demonstrate that you have exhausted all logical arguments as they apply to this issue.
    Previous posts on this blog demonstrate clearly that children thrive in same-gender households – even when some authors state that they don’t support same-gender parenting, their levels of education, professional achievement and empowered insight demonstrates that they have suffered no ill effects from their upbringing!
    There are no spiritual or Christian objections to same-gendered housholds. Indeed, some of the most profound statements of solidarity and love recorded in the Bible occur in the context of same-gender relationships, and many “traditional” heterosexual relationships described in the Bible are severly dysfunctional!
    In the times in which the Bible, and other religious texts, were written there was no concept of sexual orientation. Current “conservative” theology that denies the legitimacy of same-gender relationships, including the attitude perpetuated by this blog, reflects an archaic world view akin to flat earth theory, heliocentricity, and young earth cosmology.
    Please stop holding Christian theology up to public shame by intentionally misrepresenting the empowering and life-changing teachings of the Bible. Same-gender intimacy has always been an accepted part of the Biblical tradition, and our current community should embrace and celebrate the full diversity of human relationships and love that reflect God’s perfect plan for all people.

    • Good grief Brian; you can’t be serious that in biblical days there was no concept of sexual orientation. This is so absurd. Of course there was concept of sexual orientation. This was known from the beginning. God created us male and female. It appears that it’s may be yourself who it deceived with respect to history and sexuality.
      As for heterosexual dysfunctionallity, surely you are not suggesting that is a product of heterosexuality? Dysfunctionallity comes from broken relationships of any sort. Only in a heterosexual relationship can there be consistent hope of functionality. In a same sex relationship, something is missing from the beginning.
      To quote some individual instances where children raised in same sex relationships appear well adjusted is not the research required. It needs to be in large numbers and not cherry picked individual instances. Further more, the research needs to be intergenerational. Only then can we truly see the long term effects of such relationships.

    • RMW

      Because the concept of sexual orientation maybe bogus in the first place.

    • @Brian

      I am just wondering which version of the Bible it is that you are reading to be able to say “Same-gender intimacy has always been an accepted part of the Biblical tradition, and our current community should embrace and celebrate the full diversity of human relationships and love that reflect God’s perfect plan for all people.”

      Leviticus Chapter 18 outlines very clearly Gods plans for intimate relationships and what detestable things He does not allow. This is God’s Law.

      The term ‘sodomy’ comes from the name of a city that God utterly destroyed because of their behaviour in these areas.

      Then also in 1 Corinthians chapter 6 you can find a list of wicked acts which result in people not being accepted into the Kingdom of God, included is homosexual practices. It explains in verse 11 that because of Christ’s sacrifice we have been washed and sanctified from those sins, but we are to repent from all such sins and turn back to what God desires of us.

      And further on from verses 18 to 20: “Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body. Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honour God with your body.”

      We are to show love to all, but that does not mean accepting sinful behaviour just because it is the popular opinion in society.

    • There is a very fundamental Christian implication because homosexuality is the very grave sin of fornication…

    • Thank you for expressing how I (as a committed, heterosexual Christian) think about this article.
      The libel in statements about how people cannot thing for themselves in Ireland is astounding.
      Simple fact is, more Australians are either for marriage equality, or don’t give a damn about it either way.
      Why not focus on something worthwhile, like how divorce, domestic violence and death of a spouse affect children, than whether or not their loving parent(s) are the same gender?
      This is NOT a topic that should be governed by privileging the views of SOME people of ONE religious ‘community’

  9. Oh dear now we have three people who each have a different slant on things.

    I do not agree that we should invoke religious ideas for or against what is called ‘marriage equality’. I think we should just focus on arguments based on rational thought. I agree with Kant, who if I recall was a Christian but felt all arguments abut ‘how one should behave’ ought to be open to rational inquiry. Saying what you think the bible means or does not mean will just lead into side arguments and two people, both committed Christians, may easily find in the Bible a justification for their beliefs – as one supports and another opposes marriage equality.

    So whilst I support marriage equality I do not think me bringing my interpretation of Christianity into this debate of any value.

    • “Marriage Equality” is the basic lie this whole thing is based on. The three different types of relationship are not in fact equal in any rational logical sense. What you are saying actually undermines the basic principles of equality. You are saying we should treat things equally because we feel sorry for people not because the things are actually, functionally equal.but if say women are only equal to men in the same sense that a sexually dysfunctional homosexual relationships is equal to sexual functional natural marriages then this is actually an insult to women. Women are paid and respected equally because what they do is functionally equal, not because we are trying to address oppression and feel sorry for people. That is a condescending insult.

  10. Great words – couldn’t agree more.

  11. I grew up with a single mother, my father too lazy to include himself in my life. I grew up to be successful and bursting with happiness with only female influence. Does the same not go for children of gay couples?

  12. As a bible believing, practicing Christian and a divorced father of two daughters, I cannot comprehend your assumptions of children needing both mother and father to raise the children. I have been enduring the Federal Family Courts for the past 4.5 years and have had no communication nor contact whatsoever with my own daughters (ages 8 & 12) for 12 MONTHS and this has been created by deliberate parental alienation and the Courts succumbing to the vexatious mothers lies and allegations. And I thought the COURTS are supposed to uphold sound, moral and fair decisions and take the CHILDRENS BEST INTERESTS FIRST & FOREMOST ??? Instead, the Courts are simply creating another “STOLEN GENERATION” by removing a parent from childrens lives. SHAME On this SYSTEM

  13. I believe the author of this lives a sheltered life. In Australia homosexuals do not have the same freedom in a relationship. Especially in regional centres. Gay couples can not walk down the street hand in hand. Recently a gay couple I know were assaulted in a Sydney Coles Supermarket. Also I find it funny that this person makes comment about children missing either the mother or father? There are plenty of hetro girls out there that are single mums and do a dam good job of providing love to Their child. Where is this persons article about stopping divorce between hetro couples that have children? And hey Author. There are plenty of children out there that have both a mother and a father that still feel neglected, alone and unloved. Your article itself shows the lack of equality for homosexuals in Australia by the level of sexual discrimination that is the under lying factor of your article. I hope the next Child or adolescent struggling with their own sexuality and depression because of that struggle, doesn’t read opinionated articles like this one and feel they need to end their will to live. Some great example of what a loving parent you would be. By the way what will you do if a child of your own came to you as an adult in a gay relationship telling you they want to marry their partner? Tell them that’s not right and you can’t do that? Again not really a loving parent there either, I would love to see their face when it was drawn to their attention that an article you wrote years ago helped slow the progress of equal rights for them to be able to seal the love for the partner in the form of marriage.

  14. Hi,

    I worked with the yes campaign in this referendum, and all was allowing was to extend marriage to include same sex couples.

    This idea that people have a right to a child is ridiculously untrue. No one has a right to a child.

    In Ireland there are no current laws on surrogacy, legislation that will be brought in irrespective of the the results on the referendum because heterosexual couple avail of this two (think there have been over 200 surrogacy in the UK and most were for heterosexual couples.)

    Also no one has a right to mother and a father, unfortunately there are many people out there that have lost a parent and I’m sorry but the state doesn’t send you a replacement.

    Please do not make the same enemies in the Australia as the the no campaign did here. They ostricised single parents, adoptive parent, LGBT people, LGBT families and adopted children.

    They also caused people to recoil when the religious people got out on the streets asking people to Vote No and to hysterically say “think of the children” after all Ireland has had a very dark past with clerical abuse scandals been covered up etc so now they want to think of the children. Every single children charity and organisation with in Ireland called for a yes vote.

    My message to you, don’t being religion into it, it’s civil marriage. And don’t worry about the children they will be fine as many many many studies show.

    • RMW

      Would you settle for Plato who in his last work ‘Laws’ was arguing against homosexual relations?

  15. This social issue is disguised in a so called banner of “love”. I’d love a dollar for each time I’ve heard “why can’t two people who love each other get married?”. Not many people seem to think to the next step. What exactly is love? I love many things. My wife, my kids, my dogs, my bed, my football team. I can’t marry all of them because I love them. Love is selfless and through selfless love kids are born (not made in a test tube where they never know who their mother or father is). Same sex couples biologically cannot lovingly create kids. This is the key difference and what love is all about, in my opinion anyway.

  16. I dont agree with this at all. I am a woman and have been with my girfriend since she was pregnant and have been a parent to the child who is now 3 years old. The father of the child has other priorities and has not been there at all. I fail to see how my girlfriend and myself are doing a worse job raising our child then a straight couple would just because we have the same parts. Our child is happy, healthy, smart, social and loved.

    In terms of australia giving not having unjust discrimination to gays, that is a lie. I work and my girlfriend stays at home with the child. In the eyes of centrelink we are just another couple with a child together. She gets a small amount of government payment because my income is factored in to support the child. Yet, I can’t go down as a guardian to the child and if i was a guy I would be able to. Becoming a legal guardian to who I feel like is our child would be benificial to us in terms of doctors, hospitals, pre school, school in the future, travelling and the list goes on.

    How is that fair?
    If you want to accept gays in the eyes of the law they should accept everything or nothing at all.

  17. Think of all the children who have been harmed in hetero marriages – hurt can happen anywhere so it would be best to not generalise please.

  18. There is this misconception in society that love must be tolerant of people’s ideas irrespective of how ill-conceived and ill-founded they may be and thus loosing all absolutes on which a healthy society can be built.
    Democracies have many great attributes but if we are so deluded as to think that it is a matter of numbers that should determine our purpose and direction in life we are heading for decadence,an animal heard mentality, a mob-mindedness that will self-destruct. Love is the greater attribute but only if we are willing to learn what true love is and how to do unto others as you would have them do to you.
    That equally applies to our children, their offspring and future generations who depend on us to preserve our environment,physically, mentally and spiritually.

  19. I agree totally with this article. The others commenting have not truly understood what you say nor that it is already happening in USA. People no longer have freedom to object to what their children are taught. Children will be (and already ready are) deprived of knowing their mother or father according to what sex their “family” is

  20. For Gods sake! just what have the elected leaders been thinking by teaching this sort of blasphemy? Firstly a man and a woman is” naturally” required for the procreation of a child,and as the historical reality of the raising of a family is not changing by this amoral activity. Note I have no objection to two people of same sex living under the same roof,however the bringing up of a child of their own biological identity is impossible.Just what will result in this planned attack on our historical moral custom that has brought the human races to this point, will now become a justified reason to allow any sex contact,either male or female to be ok. Just who would then worry about the fidelity of any union of persons?This will be a serious and fatal human direction to take as the human will then be removed from the liability of child raising or of actively caring for the next generations well being.The children raised under such a system will never know the compassion of a woman’s emotion and likewise the child will never know the dedication and ability to provide for his family and create manly objects.”GOD HELP THE HUMAN RACE.!

  21. I am a Liberian, living in Liberia after traveling to several countries. I would like to focus on why same sex couples would need children in their home. Don’t they have the elementary level of understanding that in the animal kingdom, same sex couples don’t procreate? They have got to know, say, lesbians, that two lesbians cannot have a child. Do you see what makes homosexuality incomplete and that it still make the original family (mother, father, child) relevant? Every home should have a child, now, where can they get theirs from? So the thing is, in order to get any society thriving with posterity, we need the original family to be recognized as the root and pillar of every society and not the deviants

  22. I believe in the Institute of Marriage that is between a man and a woman and is the foundational relationship of human Society

    If the law is changed to please a few then will it be changed again and again to allow:

    a.Muslims to have more than one wife as they believe they should.

    b.Also for a man to marry his sister or brother

    Where will it all end?

  23. It will be a sad day indeed if Australia introduces ‘Same Sex Marriage’. Marriage is not just about the two people who are immediately involved. There is the broader issue of family, of children; and it is quite obvious that the desire for children is inherent in the human heart. Even Gay couples, who obviously cannot by themselves produce children, want children and want to live in a family environment.
    Our current ‘norm’of mother father and child puts most kids on a similar footing; that is of course apart from the situations where tragedy or family break-up has robbed children of one or other parent.
    However, if we adopt same-sex marriage as a social standard, we will have children with 2 x mothers, children with 2 x fathers, children with a mother and a father.
    We would be fundamentally changing the basic building blocks of our society and this may well have social consequences that are completely unforeseen and that are impossible to predict – consequences that may not be fully evident for a generation of 25 years or so.

    And then there is the issue if IDENTITY. It can no doubt be argued that children in a same sex household can be loved, happy and even well adjusted, but there is always the matter of identity that sooner or later appears in our consciousness. The questions will eventually come; who am I? who was my ‘real’ mother or ‘father’? where do I fit? how and why was I created? and they come with a sense of needing answers that are true and real.
    These questions will leave children from same sex families with a sense of in-completeness – something missing.

    And what of the thorny issue of SEX EDUCATION – two mothers , two fathers and a mother and father will all instil very different ideas into their children. How on earth will these kids form an on-going harmonious and homogeneous society. Some may argue that we already do not have harmonious or homogeneous society, but there is every possibility that Same Sex marriage will add a whole raft of new and undesirable consequences that will fragment, divide, disrupt and further destroy any sense of social cohesion that still exists

  24. I value the diversity of opinions represented in this blog. It reflects the diversity within the Christian community and in the wider community. Whenever different views are expressed with respect and a willingness to learn from one another, everyone can benefit.

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