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Apologies for not reporting this master-class in the defence of marriage, by the ACL boss Lyle Shelton, who penetrated deep into the enemy territory of ABC Radio National.

Pure gold: so focussed on the heart of the matter - being the fact that gay 'marriage' means gay PARENTING under international law, and that means a child of such a 'marriage' is forced - by an abusive Act of Parliament - to miss out on either their mother or their father. What is there to celebrate?

Not to mention (as Lyle does) the profound consequences such as the state usurping the authority of parents in the moral education of their children; not to mention the state harassment (seen overseas) of individuals who believe marriage can only ever be a man-woman thing; not to mention Lyle's cut-through point that if you remove the criterion of gender from marriage, it is not logically possible to limit marriage by number. Gee, did the question of group marriage get Fran Kelly hopping and wishing she had got some tame gay activist on again, yet again, for her show…

Poor Ms Kelly and the ABC: haven't they learnt that the only safe way to promote the ABC line on same-sex marriage is to continue to exclude and censor voices like Lyle Shelton and the rest of us?

After all, they control the high ground and can do what they want: straight after this interview by leading lesbian broadcaster and same-sex marriage advocate Fran Kelly the podcast shuffle served up another interview by leading lesbian broadcaster and same-sex marriage advocate Patricia Karvelas, and who knows which inner-city gay activist is on after that…

Given that only 0.8% of Australian women identify as exclusively same-sex attracted (less than one in a hundred) according to the major peer-reviewed research project 'Sex in Australia' published in 2003, there would appear to be serious over-representation of the lesbian point of view at Your ABC - but hey, that's politics. Paid for by your taxes.

Fran Kelly has been acknowledged by the gay community as "one of the country's most influential gay and lesbian Australians" and she says of herself, "What I am, really am, is an activist." Hence her "I'm an activists" attempt to silence Lyle Shelton as he made the intelligent - and politically challenging - point about the link between gay marriage and group marriage. Activist, and unprofessional.

Veteran media critic Gerard Henderson noted the interview Kelly had with Shelton and made this point about the enduring bias of Ms Kelly and her ABC:


While on the issue of RN Breakfast, Fran (“I’m an activist”) Kelly and all that – it is worth considering the contrasting interviewing styles evident on the program.

On Monday, Kelly interviewed – if “interview” is the correct word – Lyle Shelton, managing director of the conservative Christian Lobby. Mr Shelton is a strong opponent of what is called same-sex marriage and Ms Kelly is a strong supporter of changing the traditional definition of marriage from a union between a man and a woman to something else.

Fran Kelly constantly interrupted Lyle Shelton, challenged his views and ended up terminating the interview when her guest said something with which she disagreed. [Oh dear – perhaps theRN National presenter should enrol in Nancy’s Courtesy Classes with the aim of graduating with an AC gong – as in “Always Courteous”. Just a thought – Ed]

Soon after, Fran Kelly interviewed Francis Sullivan of the Catholic Church’s Truth, Justice and Healing Commission (TJHC), who spent a considerable part of the interview criticising the socially conservative George Pell. Needless to say, on this occasion Ms Kelly was completely courteous – refraining from challenging Sullivan’s comments and not interrupting. Moreover, the Kelly/Sullivan interview ended in a most courteous manner. Can you bear it?

So it is a near-miracle that the interview happened at all. Please SHARE this interview: you may never hear another like it on the government broadcaster...

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4 Responses

  1. How come such a micro-minority of less than one percent is freely given hugely disproportionate taxpayer-funded leverage via the ABC to bully the rest of us into submission ???

  2. You spoke well, Lyle, very clear on the concerns many of us have regarding the consequences of changing the marriage definitions. Lets keep the debate going and making people think beyond what seems to be a simple change of wording, to the flow on effects if this bill proceeds.

  3. It is self evident to a blind man that a hetersexual marriage is fundamentally preferable than a homosexual “marriage”.
    The homosexual lobby group is well funded and media savvy and have made many who oppose the redefinition of marriage to feel like they are “discriminatory” and “unfair”. This is a gross deception.

    This discrimination phobia is a deception.
    – We all discrminate every day.
    – When you go to the Mens toilet instead of the womens; you discriminate
    – When you go to Coles instead of Aldi’s you discrminate

    Discrmination is not inherently bad; ONLY some forms of discrimination for the wrong reasons is bad.

    Since homosexuals “marriage” clearly hurts the wellbeing of children; and the society as a whole – excluding it from the definition of marriage is completely and totally appropriate.

    This is not about marriage equality – because a heterosexual couple is fundmantally different to a homosexual couple.

    Even some homosexual men have come out CONDEMNING the redefinition of marriage to include homosexual couples.

    I am sympathetic of people who feel a strong attraction to the same gender; but redefining marriage will not help them and will do great harm to society as a whole.

  4. Jay

    High divorce rates, domestic violence, alcohol and drug addiction hurts children more than gay marriage.I grew up in a household that had zero love, and all I heard was abuse and violence. My parents did not divorce because it was not the thing that people did in those days. Instead I had to endure an environment of hate. How many times I wished I was brought up as an orphan.

    I coach junior cricket and I see first hand the effects of marriage break up. More than half the kids are from broken homes and it shows in their behaviour. Some are angry and want to hit everything, whilst others are just distant and not interested in engaging and others engage in anti social behaviour which will lead to getting involved in drugs and gangs. Where is the father in all of this? Well he is chasing his new girlfriend. There are three or four kids who are not interested in playing cricket and understand that they are being used as a child minding centre.

    Before you attack gay marriage have a look at you own back yard. Children need two caring parents, irrespective of their sex. The reason we have such a social problem is the lack of parental interest and care.

    I have spoken to a couple of ‘shock’ jocks and they tell you without fail, if you want to get 100 calls in three seconds, debate the subject of divorce. 95% of the calls are from men whining about how unfairly they have been treated.

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