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On the 10th Anniversary of the Marriage Amendment Act 2004

Today marks a decade of protecting the true meaning of marriage, and of protecting every child's right, wherever possible, to have BOTH a mother and a father. On 13 August 2004, the Senate passed the Marriage Amendment Act 2004 by 38 votes to 6, and so foiled an attempt by a homosexual couple who were “married”...
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Chase Bank checks on pro-gay attitudes

Another example of the many and varied ways for the homosexual 'normal' to be enforced: not long back, the Mozilla boss sacked for daring to donate to the defence of marriage in California (Proposition 8); likewise sundry bakers, photographers and florists prosecuted for declining to give the work of their hands to homosexual 'weddings'; and now...
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What ‘gay marriage’ has done to Massachusetts

For those naive souls who think that gay marriage is just about giving respect and social encouragement to same-sex couples, think again. It is about using the force of law to normalise homosexual behaviour in culture - especially in the minds of our school-children. We have had a decade-long experiment in the US state of Massachusetts,...
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Mozilla: a profound insight into gay intolerance

Brendan O’Neill, a self-declared Marxist, is editor of spiked, an on-line magazine in the UK. This remarkable article has been republished at MERCATORNET with permission. It's six weeks since Javascript inventor Brendan Eich was hounded out of his job at Mozilla by a virtual mob of intolerant tweeters and campaigners. His crime? Failing to genuflect at...
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AMF President’s VIDEO: The Harms of Homosexual ‘Marriage’

We need YOUR HELP to get some momentum behind a new Australian Marriage Forum video in defense of marriage, and in defense of the child’s right, where possible, to both a mum and a dad.  
"Same-sex marriage is a coldly calculated decision of Government to create motherless families, to create fatherless...
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"Married lesbian threesome" having first child

This week saw the announcement of a lesbian group marriage expecting "their" first child. And why not!? If marriage is not limited by gender, by what logical principle should it be limited by number? If marriage is just about "love and commitment", then who can say that three women's "love and commitment" is not as good as two...
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"Love knows no limits" – nor does disgraceful bullying

Watch this new video of how the gay juggernaut is crushing a gentle old lady, a florist, who dares stand in its way. Her long-time friend and customer, Rob, now plans to 'marry' a man under Washington State's new 'marriage' laws. The elderly florist, after much soul-searching, tells him with a heavy heart that she...
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The high price of holding the line on marriage

‘No consequences’ for anyone else is the refrain of those pushing for a new definition of marriage.

Of course this noble idea unravelled long ago in Europe and the United States and we demonstrated this in our submissions to the various Parliamentary inquiries. But it is now unravelling in Australia, even though we...
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‘Sports and homophobia’: of course, this is the right thing to do

  At AMF we think there is more than enough intelligence in the Australian community to keep two separate things in our minds at once:

1. that it is right not to discriminate against our neighbours in matters like sports teams just because they have private same-sex attraction (which need have no bearing on their...

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“I was jeered and spat at for defending marriage”

  BY CAROLINE FARROW Recently I appeared in the audience of BBC’s Question Time in my home town of Brighton after a friend asked me to take their place at short notice. When Marilyn Barmer stood up and nervously asked whether the first gay marriages due to take place in the city in the next 24 hours were...
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